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Avalon is a mythical island somewhere to, or in, the west of England that was the final resting place of King Arthur. It was ruled over by Morgan la Fay, head of an order of virgin priestesses who guarded the Holy Grail.

The name Avalon means 'Island of Apples' in Ancient British, and is equated with the various Celtic legends of island paradises to the west. Some have theorized that Avalon is actually the town of Glastonbury in south-west England, which at that time was an island, and in modern times Glastonbury has become a center of the New Age industry because of this association. Others, however, dispute this, and say that Avalon is located somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean, and may be the same place as Atlantis. Others have even equated Avalon with America, which certainly lies in the right direction, and it is known that medieval Welsh explorers such as Prince Madoc might well have been able to reach America long before Columbus.