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BallisticNG is a liberal video game created by a homosexual man who goes by the name "Von Snake". It is a racing game set in the future, in a liberal "utopian" world where the values of Christianity do not seem to be followed.


BallisticNG was created in 2016. It was in development for about 3 years before the 1.0 version was released in 2019.[1]

Liberal, Atheistic and Homosexual themes

BallisticNG contains many anti-American, anti-Christian, and leftist themes. Some of the racecraft have phallic-like designs, implying a support for the homosexual agenda. It also makes no mention of God, and it is implied that climate change is real in the game as the Mediterranean Sea is a desert. There is also a team named "Scorpio", implying that Von Snake believes in astrology, and as twice as many Democrats believe in astrology as Republicans[2], this is obviously liberal agenda-pushing.

The soundtrack is electronic dance music, a genre that is sinful against god.


BallisticNG has received praise from the liberal media.[3][4][5][6]

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