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Barbara Goolsbee Bollier (born January 13, 1958 (age 63)) is a physician and liberal Democrat currently running for United States Senate from Kansas in the 2020 elections to succeed retiring Sen. Pat Roberts. A former Republican, Bollier was a RINO who supports abortion, gun control, and the homosexual agenda. She is a state senator from the state's 7th district, previously serving in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Kansas Senate

Bollier voted during the CCP pandemic to expand tele-abortions and against a bipartisan bill to expand tele-medicine.[1]

2020 Senate bid

See: 2020 United States Senate election in Kansas

A former liberal Republican, Bollier is campaigning on a "moderate" and "independent" platform posing as a supposed centrist; she is noted for being very pro-abortion,[2][3] having donated to Planned Parenthood.[4]

Bollier is backed by ActBlue.[5]


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