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Battle of Aquia Creek

Battle of Aquia Creek

May 29, 1861


June 1, 1861


Stafford County, Virginia


Eastern Theater


Blockade of the Chesapeake Bay



33 star flag.png
Conf Navy Jack.png

USS Thomas Freeborn
USS Anacostia
USS Resolute
USS Pawnee


James H. Ward
Commander, USN

Daniel Ruggles
Colonel, CSA


3 U.S. gunboats

Battery garrison


10 total (US and CS)

10 total (US and CS)


The Battle of Aquia Creek was a minor engagement which lasted May 29-June 1, 1861 in Stafford County, Virginia. Aware of the construction of fortifications at Aquia Creek to protect the northern terminus of the Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad to the Confederate capitol of Richmond, four Union naval vessels bombarded the batteries near the mouth of Aquia Creek for several hours on May 29, and again four five hours on June 1, without results. The Confederates, fearing a landing of troops, brought in some reinforcements and constructed two more batteries (one on a bluff; the other at Brent Point), but the landing did not materialize.

Despite the increase in defenses - including the laying of mines in the nearby waterways - the batteries at Aquia Creek were not threatened for over a year; the garrison there was withdrawn completely by General Joseph E. Johnston to augment his own forces in preparation for the Peninsula Campaign.