Battle of Wakefield

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The Battle of Wakefield, during the Wars of the Roses , took place outside the Yorkist stronghold of Sandal Castle, south of the town of Wakefield, Yorkshire, at the end of 1460. Richard of York had assembled a small army in the castle while the Queen had managed to accrue a larger force which was encamped at Pontefract, the Lancastrian “capital”, less than 10 miles to the east.

On 30th or 31 December 1460, after a Christmas truce, the Lancastrians moved towards Sandal. For reasons unknown, Richard came out from the castle and his men were routed in the ensuing battle. Depending on the source, Richard was either killed in the battle or captured and executed and his head exhibited on the walls of York. About 2500 of his men died.

His son Edward, the later Edward IV, became Duke of York.

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