Beating of Victoria Lindsay

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The Beating of Victoria Lindsay was an event that took place in Lakeland, Florida in 2008 and a paradigm of public school violence that received national attention. Victoria Lindsay, then a cheerleader at Mulberry High School, was beaten by fellow female students, and the incident was filmed and uploaded to YouTube. Victoria was badly injured and taken by ambulance to a hospital. Eight students were initially charged, but the charges were dropped on three of the accused. The remaining five, Brittany Mayes, Kayla Hassall, Mercades Nichols, April Cooper, and Brittini Hardcastle, all entered plea bargins on the battery and false imprisonment charges to get reduced sentences and to avoid conviction on the more serious kidnapping and witness tampering charges. There have been various speculations as to the motive, some saying that Victoria had been cyber-bullying the girls on Myspace while others claim that the girls did it solely for attention.


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