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{{Infobox person
{{Infobox person
|name=Bernie Ross Pinsonat<br>​
|name=Bernie Ross Pinsonat​
(Louisiana political pollster)​
(Louisiana political pollster)​
|birth_date=August 25, 1941​
|birth_date=August 25, 1941​

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Bernie Ross Pinsonat​

(Louisiana political pollster)​

Political party

Born August 25, 1941​
Place of birth missing

Resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Bernie Ross Pinsonat (born August 25, 1941)[1] is a pollster whose Southern Media and Opinion Research company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Formerly of Houston, Texas, Pinsonat entered the polling business through the encouragement of his golfing friend, J. Bennett Johnston, Jr., the Louisiana Democrat U.S. Senator from 1972 to 1997, who named Pinsonat early in his career to Johnston's Pinsonat's polls often include questions inserted "just for fun". Pinsonat drew the ire of Governor Edwin Edwards, who defeated Johnston in the 1971 Democratic runoff primary. The more Edwards criticized Pinsonat, the more business the polling company acquired. Pinsonat said that he gets the most satisfaction from his independent political polls, but the mainstay of his company, in partnership with Buster McKenzie, consists of surveys for corporations and election campaigns.[2]

Prior to the 2014 U.S. Senate race in Louisiana, Pinsonat correctly forecast that Johnston's Democratic successor, Mary Landrieu,would lose her bid for a fourth term as senator because her projected share of the white vote had dipped to 25 percent, instead of the 37 to 41 percent needed to win when combined with solid African-American support.[2] Landrieu was unseated by Baton Rouge Republican Bill Cassidy.

In the 2016 Senate election, won by Republican John Neely Kennedy, Pinsonat was sued by a minor candidate, Troy Hebert of New Iberia, who cited the pollster for mistakenly calling Hebert "a Republcan", instead of a Democrat-turned-Independent, and for having said that only 2 percent of Louisiana voters recognized Hebert's name. Pinsonat dismissed the arguments Hebert advanced through the suit. Pinsonat said the particular polling had been commissioned by businessman and political heavyweight Lane Grigsby. The information, he said, was never intended to be used by civic groups to gauge the electability of candidates. Hebert is a former director of the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commission.[3]

Many in Louisiana recognize Pinsonat through his occasional guest appearances on the statewide radio conservative talk show The Moon Griffon Show.


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