Bible Homework Two Answers - Student Four

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--Andy Schlafly 09:50, 10 October 2010 (EDT)

1. What is your favorite book of the Bible? Why?

The Gospels of Luke and John. (Sorry, I have two favorites!) I like the Gospel of Luke because it is so beautifully written and its parables (like the Prodigal Son) are so powerful, and Gospel of John is so brilliant.

Great, but I think you could have explained in more detail why you enjoy the Gospel of John. Many books of the Bible are brilliant - what makes John so special? Minus 1. 9 points

2. List all books contained in the Torah. Who are they traditionally considered to have been written by?

Traditionally thought to have been written by Moses, the Torah consists of the Books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Excellent - 10 points

3. Why do you think the Bible is translated? Why don't we just keep it in the original Hebrew and Greek?

The meanings of words change over time, so even keeping the Bible in the original Hebrew and Greek would not ensure communication of its original meaning. Also, Christian concepts went beyond the language available at the time, and new words help fill in the gaps. Thus constant translation and retranslation are essential to convey the original meaning.

Great explanation - 10 points

4. Can a citizen of Greece today understand the original New Testament? Why or why not?

Not easily, because the New Testament was written in "Koine Greek." Languages change over time, just as English has too.

Good, concise explanation - 10 points

5. How is the process used in translating the Conservapedia Bible different from the process used for other translations? How do you think this improves the final product?

The Conservative Bible Project extracts the original meaning of the Bible by using traditional methods, plus the additional insights gained from recognition of liberal bias. For example, political considerations make it easy to see immediately that the Essay:Adulteress Story is obviously a non-authentic liberal addition; the same conclusion has also been reached by traditional techniques, but not as quickly.
The CBP is also special in how it uses Best New Conservative Words to express the original meaning more clearly and concisely.

Great explanation and citing of an example - 10 points

EXTRA CREDIT: Translate at least 5 verses for the Conservapedia Bible Translation project.

Editing one verse apiece in Matthew and Mark (changing "rich man" to "idle miser"), and the first three verses in Micah. Hope to do more but this much wraps up my homework assignment here. This is complete.--Andy Schlafly 20:05, 10 October 2010 (EDT)

Wonderful - glad to see the project moving along! Full extra 5 points!

Total (highest in the class!): 54/50

Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback, and am looking forward to more lectures and homework in this important course.--Andy Schlafly 20:54, 10 October 2010 (EDT)