Birds and the bees

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The birds and the bees talk is a child's first informed introduction to human reproduction, traditionally delivered at the onset of puberty by the mother to girls and by the father to boys. It is one of the most special moments between a parent and a child—the moment where a parent signals to the child that he is becoming an adult and may become a parent also.

Prior to the birds and the bees talk, parents may have appeased their child's curiosity with fantastical explanations of where babies come from, such as the fabled story of the stork or the cabbage patch. However, with the physical changes that come with puberty arises a greater responsibility over one's body and thus a greater need for responsible knowledge about the capabilities it is gaining physiologically. God has designed us to become physically able to become parents only after we have gained the mental maturity to understand the responsibilities thereof. The birds and the bees talk is a way for parents to cooperate with God's Wish by imparting the knowledge of the wonders of parenthood onto their children.