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Black Pigeon Speaks is the pseudonym for a voice artist, travel guide,[1] and YouTube content creator operating under the YouTube Channel by the same name, Black Pigeon Speaks.[2] The name originates from his love of pigeon and that he feeds and rescues from time to time.[3][4] He attempted to keep his name anonymous, for unknown reasons, but has been doxed by many radical left wing activists blogs. He is a right wing leaning political commentator who discuses controversial issues like chain migration, societies decadence, gender roles, and immigration policy. Originally from Canada he has lived in Tokyo for many years, and currently lives in the UK.

The Shorenstein Center article attempted to paint BPS as an anti-Semite who believes that "Jewish bankers are ensnaring the world in debt slavery."[5] It fails to quote where BPS has ever said the term "Jewish banker" or even the word "Jew" and instead just quotes known alt-righters talking about Jews, and uses a lame argument of associate to slander and defame BPS as an Alt-righter.

Comments on leftist terrorism

In 2020 Black Pidgeon noted,

Such groups like Rational wiki among others use the threat of economic violence by smearing the platforming, as was the case with Gavin McInnes and Alex Jones for example, by using defamation and lies to try and impoverish their ideological opponents by attempting to deprive them of employment or business opportunities.

After the Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden made racist comments about what it takes to be or not be Black and white liberals instigated the 2020 leftist riots nationwide, Black Pidgeon observed

Terrorism works. And terrorism is what the essence of direct action is. And this is why the thugs of Antifa wear masks while the likes of activists like Jared Holt and the fanatics at Rational wiki confined themselves to slander and liable and attempts at economic violence. Antifa are the ones in the trenches and in the business of violence, and this is why they wear masks, so as not to be identified. And this gets back to the current events gripping Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and other cities around the country.[6]


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