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Democrat shill Don Lemon (left); Democratic Governor Ralph Northam (in blackface) (right).
Justin Trudeau in blackface. Liberals defended him.[1]
Liberal racist Joy Behar in blackface.[2]

Blackface is the practice of darkening one's skin in order to resemble a person of colour. Though it is very scarcely reported on, non-white people can wear blackface in addition to Caucasians.[3][4][5] Blackface was worn in the past as a method of mocking and belittling black people, thus making it racist;[6] however, especially in the present day, many people have darkened their skin in order to imitate someone whom they admired, who happened to have dark skin.[7] Even the neoconservative feminist Megyn Kelly has defended darkening one's skin as part of a Halloween costume and/or in honour of a certain black person.[8] However, the mainstream media mistakes both of these practices as acts of racism.[9][10][11][12]

Liberal Double Standard

Democrat Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam was caught wearing blackface (in the racist manner) while posing next to someone adorned in Ku Klux Klan garb.[13] He was severely admonished, initially even by his fellow Democrats,[14] but he did not resign from his position as Governor, and calls for him to resign ended after about two weeks.

In addition, Liberal Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has been discovered wearing blackface and brownface on numerous occasions. At least some instances were arguably racist. Trudeau claims to represent social justice: he has attempted to Islamize Canada using disloyal Syrian refugees, and passed the decisively anti-Islamophobic Bill M-103. But these incidents clearly exposed Trudeau's rank hypocrisy.[15]

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