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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Gun hunting]]
* [[Gun hunting]]
* [[Compound bow]]
* [[Hunting]] with:
** [[Firearm]]s: [[Handgun]], [[Shotgun]] and [[Rifle]]
** [[Archery]]: [[Crossbow]], [[Compound bow]]
* [[Fishing]]

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Bowhunting is hunting accomplished with a bow. Modern bowhunters generally pursue game using compound bows. Recurve bows are less common, but still a viable option. During archery practice, bowhunters use relatively blunt practice points. When hunting game, however, they utilize broadheads, which kill the animal quickly and efficiently.

Bowhunting differs from gun hunting in the much shorter range of fire. Many hunters prefer bowhunting because it is much quieter than gun hunting, and arrows can be reused many times.

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