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Breitbart.com is an up-to-the-minute news source created by Andrew Breitbart. Presently, it is a conservative media juggernaut providing breaking news stories that the mainstream media would suppress from the general public. Exposing liberal bias in media has proven profitable as Breitbart has created other successful news sites; Breitbart.TV, BigGovernment, BigJournalism, BigHollywood, and most recently BigPeace. Breitbart is such a threat to the left that Media Matters constantly harasses them with misinformation campaigns. The Breitbart properties have provided some of the most ground-breaking news stories over the last several years and can be credited with taking down ACORN and exposing race baiting against the Tea Party movement by Democrat politicians. Per their website,

"Breitbart is currently serving about 20 million news pages per month to more than three million unique visitors. Many top bloggers rely on Breitbart as a primary news resource. Technorati puts Breitbart.com in its Top 50, with more than 30,000 links from nearly 8,000 blogs."

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