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Brexit is a campaign slogan for 'Britain's Exit' from the European Union. The British people became the first nation to vote on a referendum whether or not to remain in membership to the EU on June 23, 2016. The historic vote shocked the world as the Leave campaign won. Prime Minister David Cameron campaigned to remain in the EU and with the results public, resigned his position. Former London Mayor Boris Johnson was a leader of the Leave camp. He is making his case to be Prime Minister.

Polling indicated a tight race, with 44% preferring to stay (anti-Brexit) and 42% supporting leaving the EU (Brexit), as of April 17, 2016.[1] Two weeks after Obama gave his support to Cameron and chided Britain to stay in the EU, a survey says Brexit gained 3% who want out. [2] Final results show Leave with 52% of the vote to Remain with 48%.

Most people believe if the Brexit campaign is successful, the 28-nation EU economic and political alliance is doomed. Financial giants warned the British of credit downgrades. The British Pound dropped significantly as results started pouring in showing Leave doing better than expected.

It is now very likely that France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Hungary could hold a similar referendum.

Eligible voters

  • Voters must be 18 or older
  • British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen who resides in Britain.
  • British nationals who have lived overseas for less than 15 years can also vote.

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  2. Obama fails to swing Britain behind EU as 'Out' takes poll lead, Reuters, April 28, 2016