Brokeback Mountain

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Brokeback Mountain is a drama movie from 2005 by Ang Lee about two male cowboys who fail to deal with their hormonal urges in a time of prolonged seclusion from others (particularly from females). Afterwards, they come to their senses and marry beautiful, dedicated and loving women. However soon their past comes to haunt them and destroys not only their lives but the innocent lives of their wives and innocent children. Audiences witness the families torn asunder in waves of agonizing revelations, all stemming from a secret around "fishing" trips where the men once again use their seclusion to its "ends".

Despite the destructive message of this film, liberal Hollywood rewarded the homosexual agenda by festooning the movie with several awards including three Oscars, four BAFTA awards, and four Golden Globes. The movie became the "buzz" that everyone was talking about in 2005 and people were admonished for not having seen it and not being "open-minded" to a "different" love story. In that respect, the advertising purposefully concealed the theme of homosexuality from the unsuspecting public, merely referring to it as a modern day "love story" and concentrating on the appealing rugged cowboy element and picturesque landscapes.

Two young actors (Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal) took on the main roles, since many actors would not touch a project like this.