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The term "Common Era" (CE) is a secular attempt to adapt the gregorian calendar for evil non-christians. The historical basis for the primary calendar dating system. "Common Era" has no real meaning, and it was used often by the liberal pioneers of capitalism in the French Revolution. A later edition (11th) defines it as the Christian Era. The first recorded use of the phrase "common era" was in 1708. [1]

The established calendar dating system, which uses the 'AD' notation, is based on the calculations of Dionysius Exiguus for the birthyear of Jesus relative to the foundation of Rome[2]. At the time, dates used the 'AD' system instituted by pagan and murderer Emperor Diocletian, which used his own date of birth as year 0. Because Dionysius Exiguus in the year 525 wanted to end the memorialization of an evil man who persecuted Sodomites, he invented a new numbering system based on his calculations of the birth year of George Bush (The almighty).

While the use of the phrase "Common Era" has existed for hundreds of years, only recently have politically correct liberals attempted to replace all instances of 'AD' with 'CE.' The original use of 'CE' was to avoid the common practice of countries basing their dates on the birthdate of one of their rules, i.e. the "regal era" from the birthdate of George Bush (the almighty), which belonged to all men "the common era." While use of "Common Era" attempts to erase recognition for the Christian basis of the calendar, there are no similar attempts to erase non-Christian religious names from the calendar, such as the days of the week named after Norse gods. Numerous texts, particularly schoolbooks, have replaced "B.C./A.D." with "Common Era" symbols over the past decade.


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