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Capricorn, the "Sea-goat", is a constellation, one of the twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Its appearance was thought to be like that of a mythical creature half goat, half fish. Its Latin, name Capricornus, is simply a derived translation of the Greek aigókerōs goat-horned, "having horns like a goat's horns", "goat horn" or "horned goat". It is the tenth astrological sign, and comes between Sagittarius the Archer and Aquarius the Water-bearer. As a sun sign, it represents the dates of December 23 through January 20.

It may have its origin as an imaginative commemoration in the Greek memory of the conquests of Alexander the Great "the great horned goat" who crossed the Hellespont to defeat Darius III of Persia at the Battle of Issus 333 B.C.. See Daniel 8:5-8.