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Carl Benjamin (born 1 September 1979), known by his pseudonym Sargon of Akkad, is an atheist, English YouTube commentator with a subscriber base of over 720,000 individuals.[1][2]

He is an anti-feminist who holds anti-Social justice warrior (anti-SJW) views. Politically, he self-identifies as a classical liberal with center-left views.[3]

From 2017 onward, atheistic YouTube videos with a classical liberalism, political viewpoint have been experiencing declining viewership (see: YouTube videos with an atheistic, classical liberalism, political viewpoint see a decline going from 2017 to present).

Carl Benajmin's remarks about Labour Party politician Jess Phillips receiving rape threats

See also: Atheism and rape

In May 2016, in response to Labour Party politician Jess Phillips' public statement that she commonly receives rape threats, Benjamin said "I wouldn't even rape you” in a YouTube video and which he promoted at his Twitter account.[4] He is unapologetic about his remark to Jess Phillips.[5]

Benjamin contends that that he is unapologetic because Phillips was using her rape threats to pass laws against online bullying that would be designed to be intentionally overly broad to censor views that the government does not like.[6] See also: Atheism and rape

Guest speaker appearance at the Mythcon 2017 atheist conference

See also: Mythcon 2017 Conference and Atheist factions and Atheist movement

Benjamin was a guest speaker at a September 30, 2017 annual atheist conference held by Mythicist Milwaukee.[7][8]

Feminist/progressive atheists unsuccessfully attempted to get the conference organizers to cancel his appearance.[9]

At Splice Today, Dylan Green wrote about the Mythcon 2017 Conference and the atheist movement: "If there’s a point in time where atheism’s cold war of progressive versus reactionary flavors came into being, it would be the day when Mythcon was held."[10] At Mythcon 2017, Carl Benjamin and other anti-progressive YouTube atheists spoke which upset many progressive atheists.[11][12]

Shortly after the conference, the progressive atheist PZ Myers wrote a blog post entitled Time to nuke the fault line and split the rift deeper[13]

During their interview/exchange at Mythcon 2017 the progressive, atheist interviewer Thomas Smith became very agitated and very angry at Carl Benjamin and he castigated/berated the audience who occasionally cheered for Benjamin (He referred to Benjamin's supporters as "deplorables").[14]

On the whole, Thomas Smith performed very poorly in the exchange and near the end of the exchange he angrily left the stage.[15]

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Thomas Smith and Carl Benjamin interview/exchange

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