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Carpathian Mountains

NASA image of the Carpathians

The Carpathian Mountains (Ukrainian: Карпати; Romanian: Munţii Carpaţi; Polish, Czech, Slovak: Karpaty, Hungarian: Kárpátok) are a European mountain range extending 930 miles (1500 kilometers) in the central and east of the continent. The range extends into the countries of: the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, and northern Hungary.

The range begins in southwest Slovakia and extends north into the Czech-Slovak and into Poland. Along the Polish border are the Beskids and the Tatras, which form the Northern Carpathians. The range continues to run east along the Polish border, then it goes down through west Ukraine. Further south, in Romania, they are continued by the Transylvanian Alps (or Southern Carpathians), which extend to the Danube River.

The highest peaks of the Carpathians are Gerlachovský (8,737 ft/2,663 m) in the Tatras and Moldoveanu (8,346 feet/2,544 m) in the Transylvanian Alps.

The Carpathians are generally divided into two groups: the Western and the Eastern. Inside these two groups are many subgroups.[1]

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