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These articles contain unsourced statements. If you can find sources for the tagged statements in the articles, please add them!

Even if you don't know the answer, but you know what category the answer would be in, you can go to the article and modify the {{fact}} tag. Change it, for example, to {{fact-historical}} or for current events, {{fact-political}}. If it's a scientific claim which needs support, use {{fact-scientific}}, etc.

You can create new subcategory {{fact}} tags by adding a hyphen and an adjective or noun. For example, {{fact-biology}} or {{fact-biological}}, which ever suits your fancy. Don't worry about noun or adjective, because we can always redirect one to another.

You can help!

If you tag a statement, you are asking the community of editors to help you. Please give back to the community by looking into someone else's request. Pick an area of knowledge you are good in, and research a tagged statement or two whenever you have time.