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Channel Tunnel

The Channel Tunnel (colloquially known as the "Chunnel") is a railway tunnel connecting the United Kingdom with France beneath the English Channel. It is 31.35 miles (50.45 km) in length (of which 23 miles or 37 km is under water[1]), and extends from Cheriton, near Folkestone, Kent, UK, to Sangatte, Pas de Calais, France. The tunnel cost £9 billion to build and consists of two parallel single-track railway tunnels with a smaller-diameter service tunnel between.[2] The tunnel is managed by Eurotunnel,[3] which operates a shuttle-service carrying cars and trucks between terminals at each end. In addition, high-speed railway services between London and Paris and between London and Brussels run through the tunnel. These are operated by the railway company Eurostar.


Napoleon first suggested the building of a road tunnel between England and France in 1802, in a brief moment of peace between the two countries.[4]