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{{DEFAULTSORT: Fairbanks, Charles}}
{{DEFAULTSORT: Fairbanks, Charles}}
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[[category: Vice Presidents of the United States]]
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Charles Fairbanks
Charles fairbanks.jpg
26th Vice-President of the United States
Term of office
March 4, 1905 - March 4, 1909
Political party Republican
President Theodore Roosevelt
Preceded by Theodore Roosevelt
Succeeded by James S. Sherman
Born May 11, 1852
Unionville Center, Ohio
Died June 4, 1918
Indianapolis, Indiana
Spouse Cornelia Cole Fairbanks

Charles Fairbanks (1852 - 1918) was Theodore Roosevelt's Vice President from 1905 AD to 1909 AD. Fairbanks, Alaska is named in his honor. Before becoming Vice-President Fairbanks was a Senator from Indiana from 1897-1905 [1]


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