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Charlie Gard (August 4, 2016 – July 28, 2017) was a 10-month-old British boy with a debilitating genetic condition that the European courts ruled the child must be taken off of life support, against their parent's wishes. The parents have raised funding to get experimental medical treatment for mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS) in the United States. The court ruling illegally banned the parents from pursuing an experimental treatment. "Doctors even refused to let Charlie’s parents take him home, insisting that he die in the hospital."[1] U.S. President Donald Trump has weighed in on the matter giving support to the parents.[2][3] Pope Francis has weighed in on the matter calling for the desire for the parents to accompany and care for their own child to the end will be respected. Charlie is stuck in limbo at Great Ormond Street Hospital as judges weigh in on the case brought to trial by doctors determined to block treatment and, in doing so, make the child suffer further.

Per the family spokesman,[4]

We are continuing to spend every moment working around the clock to save our dear baby Charlie. We’ve been requesting this specialized treatment since November and never asked the hospital, the courts or anyone for anything except for the permission to go. We have raised over £1.3 million ($1.7 million) and had invitations from specialized doctors in the U.S. and Italy. We hope that the courts and the judge will finally rule in favor of us seeking treatment elsewhere. We love him more than life itself. If he is still fighting then we are still fighting.

Due to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which illegally takes away parental and children's rights and gives them to the government, Gard's parents were unable to bring him to the United States.[5] The judges and the doctors got what they wanted, the parents give up and withdrew from seeking experimental treatment in the USA.[6][7] As the child needed medical care urgently, the doctors and the courts successfully made the child suffer needlessly.[8][9] The judge refused to expedite a decision, making Charlie's health condition irreversible.[9] After announcing ending their challenge to treatment, the family was still forced to fight in court to allow them to take Charlie home.[10] Doctors demanded that the child must die in the hospital or hospice and the judge agreed.[11]

Government death panels that decide end of life issues are supported by liberals. It doesn't make the left look good to discuss what a majority oppose. The major television news channels devoted more air time to the death of a baby whale than to Charlie Gard.[12]

Charlie Gard died on July 28, 2017.[13][14]


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