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Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Eric Hitchens (April 13, 1949 - December 15, 2011) was a journalist, author and literary critic. Hitchens received a degree in PPE (philosophy, politics and economics) from Balliol College, Oxford, in 1970. From 1971-1981, he worked in Britain as book reviewer for The Times newspaper. He emigrated to the United States in 1981, and has written regularly, or been a contributing editor for Harper's, Vanity Fair and The Nation. He was an avowed Marxist, atheist and antitheist. Hitchens has a younger brother, Peter Hitchens, who is also a journalist, author and critic. Mr. Hitchens was one of the more prominent spokesperson for the New Atheism movement.

Christopher Hitchens was a member of the International Socialists and an active Trotskyist during his youth. Before his death he claimed to be "on the same side as the neo-conservatives," but did not consider himself a conservative. He supported George W. Bush's foreign policy, but has a negative attitude towards Bush's support of intelligent design. Hitchens made himself unpopular, even among fellow atheists for his support of the Iraq War, which was motivated by his hatred of religion - in his own words, he supported the Iraq War simply because Iraqis were Muslim, which has been compared to endorsement of racially-motivated genocide.

He was a harsh critic of Ronald Reagan, and considered Henry Kissinger a war criminal.

Unhealthy lifestyle and premature death

See also: Atheism and health

Mr. Hitchens was known for having a history of heavy drinking and chain-smoking.[1][2] Christopher Hitchens was being treated for esophageal cancer which was likely caused by drinking and smoking up until his death on December 15, 2011.[3][4] Despite his esophageal cancer, when asked by interviewer Charlie Rose if in retrospect he would have engaged in heavy drinking and smoking knowing his present cancer condition, Hitchens said he think he would have done things the same.[5] Hitchens also had problems with being overweight during his life (see: Atheism and obesity and New Atheism leadership's problem with excess weight).[6] According to the National Cancer Institute, "obesity is associated with increased risks of cancers of the esophagus."[7]

Hitchens on bestiality

See also: Christopher Hitchens on bestiality and Atheism and bestiality and Evolutionary belief and bestiality

Bestiality is the act of engaging in sexual relations with an animal.

At the end of Christian apologist William Lane Craig vs. atheist Christopher Hitchens debate there was an audience question and answer period.VIDEO The first audience member to ask a question twice asked Christopher Hitchens to label bestiality as an immoral act, but he refused to do so.[8] Dr. Craig said the question posed to Hitchens was a good one and it helped illustrate that atheism cannot offer objective moral standards (see: Atheism and morality).[9]

Commenting on atheist Christopher Hitchens' refusal to condemn bestiality, the article Atheism: A religion of degenerates declared: " I feel sorry for all the sheep, little dogs and horses who have been raped by depraved atheists because prominent atheists have refused to condemn bestiality."

On August 12, 2012, an article entitled Atheism: A religion of degenerates declared:

Christopher Hitchens, who was an atheist and a drunkard, was arguably the most popular atheists in the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century as well. At the end of his debate with Christian apologists William Lance Craig, there was an audience question and answer period. During this question and answer period, twice Hitchens was asked to condemn bestiality, but he refused to do it each time he was asked.

The Bible teaches that bestiality is a perversion and, under the Old Testament Jewish Law, punishable by death (Exodus 22:19, Leviticus 18:23, Leviticus 20:15 and Deuteronomy 27:21). I feel sorry for all the sheep, little dogs and horses who have been raped by depraved atheists because prominent atheists have refused to condemn bestiality. Atheism has no basis for objective morality so it is not surprising that atheist degenerates refuse to condemn bestiality.[10]

Hitchen's self-refutation of his irrational atheistic claims

Vox Day wrote:

In The Irrational Atheist, I noted that Christopher Hitchens had committed a marvelous exercise in self-evisceration when he declared that “what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence”, then proceeded to pronounce no fewer than 52 different declarations, each of which was presented completely without evidence.[11]

Christian ministry PPsimmons declares that Christopher Hitchens lead a wasted life

File:Circus clowns.jpg
A supporter of the Question evolution! campaign declared that at best Christopher Hitchens was a "wicked, atheist clown" and the growth of belief in biblical creation in the world will continue to accelerate.[12]

In a video entitled Christopher Hitchens - A Wasted Life the Christian ministry PPsimmons declared:

In Mike Shoesmith's book The Atheists are Wrong: How Modern Atheism Ruins Everything there is an abundance of material refuting the entire life's work of Christopher Hitchens.

Hitchen's personified the wasted life. A life lived as a fool. To live as one who embraces the philosophy of naturalism is to live a wasted life void of any originally intended and designed significance. It is the most closed-minded philosophy imaginable. Such a description is the legacy of Christopher Hitchens - a wasted life. A life spent as one fighting the ultimate reality.

And just as all those who lived between the time Jesus walked the earth and now, it may be stated correctly, Christopher Hitchens died in 2011 A.D., the year of our Lord.[13][14]

Opposition to Islam and Support of the War on Terror

Christopher Hitchens became an activist against Islam when Ayatullah Kohmeini declared a fatwa against his personal friend Salman Rushdie. The event has led him to become very vocal in his support of the war in Iraq and heavily critical of Muslim society and ethics.

Insults toward Jerry Falwell

In a TV interview with Hannity and Colmes a day after Jerry Falwell's death, Christopher Hitchens expressed his anger over Falwell's legacy, calling the media coverage of his death uniform in its "stupidity" and calling Falwell himself a "vulgar fraud and crook"[15]. Hitchens went on to state such comments as "we have been rid of an extremely dangerous demagogue who lived by hatred of others and prejudice", "that it's a pity there isn't a hell for him to go to", "the evil he did will live after him", and "and I think his death is a deliverance" [15]. Hannity said that such comments were "crude", "thoughtless", "mean", and "hateful."

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Some other titles include: “Letters to a Young Contrarian,” “The Trial of Henry Kissinger (2001)” and his memoir, “Hitch-22. [1]

“Stranger in a Strange Land”: In this piece that The Atlantic published two months after the attacks of 9/11, Hitchens summed up his break from the establishment left over the attacks and the war on terror that was then only beginning. Ibidem

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