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Christopher Stevens (April 18, 1960 - September 11, 2012) was appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama as chief liaison officer between the Obama administration and the Libyan Islamic Fighters Group.[1] Obama sought to dispel longtime Libyan strongman Muammar al-Gaddafi by granting aide—money, weapons, training, and logistical support—for the al-Qaeda affiliated groups. Ambassador Stevens was murdered by the same Obama allies on the eleventh anniversary of the 2001 September 11 attacks.[2]

Aid to the Islamic State and the Benghazi massacre

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President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Finding on August 1, 2012 authorizing transfer of captured weapons from Libya to groups that became the Islamic State.[3] Reuters reported
under provisions of the presidential finding, the United States was collaborating with a secret command center operated by Turkey and its allies.

Last week, Reuters reported that, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey had established a secret base near the Syrian border to help direct vital military and communications support to Assad’s opponents.

This “nerve center” is in Adana, a city in southern Turkey about 60 miles (100 km) from the Syrian border, which is also home to Incirlik, a U.S. air base where U.S. military and intelligence agencies maintain a substantial presence.

Turkey’s moderate Islamist government has been demanding Assad’s departure with growing vehemence. Turkish authorities are said by current and former U.S. government officials to be increasingly involved in providing Syrian rebels with training and possibly equipment.

European government sources said wealthy families in Saudi Arabia and Qatar were providing significant financing to the rebels. Senior officials of the Saudi and Qatari governments have publicly called for Assad’s departure.[4]

Amb. Christopher Stevens was put in charge of the covert operation.[5] The aim was to arm jihadist groups which then transformed themselves into the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria with the goal of overthrowing Bashar al Assad.[6]

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  4. The Guardian reported,
    these were not average members of the Free Syrian Army. Abu Khuder and his men fight for al-Qaida. They call themselves the ghuraba’a, or “strangers”, after a famous jihadi poem celebrating Osama bin Laden’s time with his followers in the Afghan mountains, and they are one of a number of jihadi organisations establishing a foothold in the east of the country now that the conflict in Syria has stretched well into its second bloody year.

    They try to hide their presence. “Some people are worried about carrying the [black] flags” ...

    ...[they] are working closely with the military council that commands the Free Syrian Army brigades in the region. “We meet almost every day,” he said. “We have clear instructions from our [al-Qaida] leadership that if the FSA need our help we should give it. We help them with IEDs and car bombs. Our main talent is in the bombing operations” ...

    “The FSA lacks the ability to plan and lacks military experience. That is what [al-Qaida] can bring. ...

    “In the beginning there were very few. Now, mashallah, there are immigrants joining us and bringing their experience,” he told the gathered people. “Men from Yemen, Saudi, Iraq and Jordan...

    “[Al-Qaida’s] goal is establishing an Islamic state and not a Syrian state,” he replied. “Those who fear the organisation fear the implementation of Allah’s jurisdiction...