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The book When the Wicked Seize a City recounts how a church and pastor were terrorized by homosexual activists.

Dr. Chuck McIlhenny served as a pastor of San Francisco's First Orthodox Presbyterian Church for numerous years.[1] In 1978 Dr. McIlhenny wrote a book which recounted how he was threatened and his church and home firebombed by homosexual activists subsequent to a lawsuit he won regarding the church's right to fire its organist who was homosexual.[2] Dr. McIlhenny's home was firebombed while his family was sleeping inside.[1] No one was ever prosecuted for the arson attacks and Dr. McIlhenny is still counseling homosexuals 20 years later.[2] The title of Dr. McIlhenny's 1978 book recounting his experiences is titled When the Wicked Seize a City .[2]

In 1989, Dr. Mcilhenny helped defeat a domestic partnership law that would have treated two homosexuals as a family.[1] For three years, the Mcilnhenny household received thousands of threatening and harassing phone calls 24 hours a day.[1] Some of the callers threatened to sodomize and kill Dr. McIlhenny's three young daughters.[1] In 1990, repeatedly vandalism occurred to his church and home with graffiti such as "Dykes for Choice".[1] In addition, the church's windows were broken so repeatedly that the churches congregants boarded them up permanently.[1]

Dr. McIlhenny has stated that "straight society in San Francisco is without power and without influence, living on the fringes of that society."[3] Dr. McIlhenny has been the target of repeated death threats from homosexual activists.[4]

Books Published

When the Wicked Seize a City - ISBN 0595154328


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