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The Cleveland Browns are a National Football League franchise team. They are based in Cleveland Ohio. The team was formed on 1946 by owner Arthur McBride. McBride held a newspaper contest to pick out the name for the team. The wining name for the team, the "Browns", was based off the name of popular Cleveland coach Paul Brown.

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THE BROWNS. AKA THE WORST TEAM EVER. You know why theyre called the browns? cause they play like shit. There is one good person on there team...o wait i spoke before thinkin. There are no good players on their team. But they do have a positive side! Good for teams to play when they had a hard game the week before or have a hard game the week after. If i had a team consistin of mein a wheel chair my dead grandma, a turtle with no eyes, and a bunny on crank, we could beat the browns. the browns suck! Browns History