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Comedy Central is a left-slanting cable and satellite television channel which draws a large portion of its viewership from adolescents, such as the average public school student.

Comedy Central features adult cartoons, including South Park (its flagship series) as well as dim-witted liberal programs including The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore that bases its entire premise on false race issues. The channel is based on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


  • The Daily Show: A so-called parody news show with an extreme leftist point-of-view, hosted by Trevor Noah. The show was formerly hosted by Jon Stewart and before Stewart Craig Kilborn.
  • The Nightly Show: As a replacement for Colbert former Daily Show "correspondent" Larry Wilmore took his occasional segment on "race issues" and made it into an entire show that receives far fewer viewers than even Colbert did in the same 11:30 PM time slot.
  • South Park: A cartoon based around the lives of four foul-mouthed elementary school children in a Colorado mountain town, which pokes fun at pop-culture, traditional family values and politics.
    Has a libertarian stance and the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have all but confirmed their libertarian slant. Notably the only Comedy Central program without a completely leftist bias.

Former shows

The Colbert Report: A spin-off of The Daily Show, hosted by Stephen Colbert, who satirically portrays a conservative commentator, mocking conservatives and portraying them as buffoons, and inaccurately stating conservative values.
The show was canceled in 2015 when Colbert made the move to late night on the equally liberal network CBS.

Hypocritical censorship

Comedy Central has been guilty of selective censorship, refusing to show an unoffensive clip featuring the Islamic prophet Muhammad in an episode of South Parkeven though they had previously depicted him earlier in the run of the show. This is despite allowing ongoing obscenity and degradation of Christian beliefs in a number of its programs. This act of censorship was highly ironic, as it came at the end of a double episode dedicated to condemning Fox for its refusal to depict Muhammad.