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Proposed deletion of: Gay_bowel_syndrome

I just wanted to revisit the original proposition to delete the gay bowel syndrome article. You can check the original AFD debate here 5 of the 7 votes were to delete the article, yet no consensus was ever made on what to do? Ultimately the main consensus it that the article is not family friendly, and that it is a term no longer used in medicine since it is not actually syndrome, bowel specific or specific to gay men.

As a medical student, despite my Christian beliefs on homosexuality, I do take issue with the article since it has selectively used citations which do not support the statements on the article. For example, quite early in the article is refers to a 2014 article from an academic journal, as though it agreed that 'gay bowel syndrome exists', yet they actually concluded: "Little or no recent research exists around the concept of a specific syndrome affecting the bowels of MSM. Rather, there seems to be a clustering of diseases in certain high-risk groups, especially those in urban areas with multiple sexual partners, recreational drug use, and possible concomitant HIV infection".

In other words, 'gay bowel syndrome' is not a real medical condition, but rather was used to describe rare infections in the 1980's, in the extreme sex clusters in cities like San Francisco and New York. These topics are already covered in other articles. I note the gay bowel syndrome article also includes various STI's which are not even described in the original framework of gay bowel syndrome. HIV is not bowel specific, it's a virus. The same for hepatitis, syphilis and several others mentioned? This is really unscientific and non medical, and it actually undermines the credibility of Conservapedia and makes us look like a parody.

In the part of my training spent in a sexual health clinic, I never encountered a gay person with the rare bacterial infections described in the article either (It is gonorrhoea/chlamydia which are common). There is no such a thing as a 'syndrome' which is comprised of treatable bacterial infections.

Further, the graphic descriptions of 'rectums' and anal sex in detail throughout the article is below the mark for Conservapedia and a breach of guidelines. Children will see this material, and I think it's pretty unacceptable.

--Conservativescience (talk) 22:57, 24 April 2020 (EDT)