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Conservapedia:American History Spring 2011

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"American History Spring 2010" is a 14-week course that teaches the history of the United States, from exploration in the 1400s through the most recent events of 2011.

Unlike other courses, this class will tie closely to current events and the lectures will be revised online and tailored to the most up-to-date available information.

Students seeking to earn college credit can take the CLEP or AP exams upon successful completion of this course.

This course began February 3, 2011. Please add your user id. (as explained above) if you would like to participate in this course in any way, either as a student or as a teacher on this site.

The instructor is Andy Schlafly, who has taught over 16 courses, including one as an adjunct professor at a major law school.


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Special concepts

This course will include many concepts not included in most run-of-the-mill American history courses, such as:

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