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Welcome to the Conservapedia Article Improvement Drive (AID)!

AID is a project made up of Conservapedians, with the goal of improving the quality of important articles. Each week, we will take a vote, choose a needy article, and work on bringing that article up to Featured status. This can be done by adding relevant content, inserting references, copyediting, eliminating red links (by deleting the links or creating the articles), and improving the quality of related articles. The current project coordinator is DanH.

Voting Policy

If an article is nominated, it will remain on the following list for seven days. In this time, it must receive eight (8) endorsements (signatures) from users interested in improving the article. If you wish to endorse an article, please sign your name using four tildes (~~~~) BELOW the signatures already present. If you wish to add a comment regarding the nomination, create a fourth-level heading (====Heading Goes Here====) BELOW the signatures already in place. The date listed next to the nomination heading is the date by which the article must receive five (5) endorsements.

Voting For First Article