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= Current discussions =
= Current discussions =
*{{afd|10 Years}}
*{{afd|Template:User Christianity Not This}}
*{{afd|Template:User Christianity Not This}}

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Conservapedia:Articles for deletion is a project space designed to explain the process and requirements for proposing the removal of an article, and to list the current discussions.

Deletion Process

If you think an article should be deleted because it violates The Conservapedia Commandments, or for any other reason you may nominate it for deletion. The correct process for this is as follows:

  1. Add the template {{Delete Notice}} to the top of the page
  2. List the article on this page under current discussions, using the template {{afd|"title"}}, replacing "title" with the name of the page
  3. Follow the link from the deletion notice to the AFD page for the article nominated for deletion, and explain why you believe it should be deleted

Discussion will occur on the AFD page before a final decision regarding the article is made.

This is not the appropriate place to discuss copyright issues. Please use Conservapedia:Copying to track articles that have no problem with topic or content, but which seem to draw too heavily on material copied from elsewhere.

Current discussions

Past discussions


Kept with provisions


The following pages have had an AFD discussion and the resulting decision was to delete the article. \