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# [[Debate:Is the Theory of Evolution a conspiricy?]]
# [[Debate:Is the Theory of Evolution a conspiricy?]]
# [[Debate:How should we view the fact leading scientists do not believe in god?]]
# [[Debate:How should we view the fact leading scientists do not believe in god?]]
## [[Conservapedia:Does modern music negatively influence children]]

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Debate topic suggestions, organized so that it's not necessary to delete them.

(Note: If some topic is miscategorized, it can be cut and pasted without affecting the relevant links.)

Philosophical debates

  1. Can conservapedia become the next wikipedia, is this good or bad
  2. If there is no objective truth, then is the claim "there is no objective truth" also not an objective truth?
  3. Does History Matter?
  4. Is a first cause of a process necessary, always possible, or sometimes impossible?
  5. Can Objectivism develop beyond Ayn Rand's original formulation?
  6. Can any man live without some code of morality?
  7. Does the known physical universe exhaust all that can exist, or does something exist beyond known physical boundaries?
  8. Why is there something rather than nothing?
  9. Embryonic Stem Cells: Why or why not?
  10. Debate:Why Reason?
  11. Debate:Why does the conservative media often an ugly undertone?
  12. Debate:Should pharmacists be forced to fill legal prescriptions they personally object to on moral grounds?

Religious debates

  1. Debate: Should certain books be banned from libraries?
  2. Debate: Is communism founded on Christian doctrine?
  3. Should the first story of creation be read allegorically or literally?
  4. Debate:Is Scientology a false religion
  5. Why do Moses, Ezra, Jesus, and Paul all disagree on divorce? Moses allowed divorce, Jesus disallowed it and also allowed it, Paul allowed it, and Ezra actually commanded it to appease God (Ezra 10)??? im confused!! whats a christian to do??
  6. Did Jesus ever claim to be God?
  7. Conservapedia: Grave errors/inconsistencies in the Bible make literal translation worthless.
  8. Was Jesus born in the right time and place?
  9. Conservapedia : What does Christianity say about homosexuality?
  10. If God does not exist, can anything be morally wrong?
  11. Is it wrong to have a Christmas tree?
  12. Did God create evil?
  13. Which Christian denomination is the most true to the central teachings of Christianity?
  14. If Jesus were alive to day, where on the political spectrum would he fall?
  15. Is religion relevant in todays society? / Should Religion Play a Large Role in Modern Societies?
  16. Bible (New and Old Testament) Words of God
  17. AntiSemitism
  18. Does Intelligent Design deny the Existence of God?
  19. Could God create a rock so heavy that he himself could not lift it?
  20. If there were no religion, would we find another reason to kill each other?
  21. Natural Disaster versus Act of God
  22. What is the Sabbath day?
  23. Is it possible to be a conservative and not a religious person or even an atheist?
  24. Debate:Why do we still perform Baptisms?
  25. Does the Resurrection negate Gods Sacrifice of his only son?|Does the Resurrection negate God's Sacrifice of his only son?
  26. If most Muslims learned their religion from their parents, just like us Christians, they will probably be hard to convert. So what can we do to save their souls?
  27. If most Christians learned their religion from their parents, just like us Muslims, they will probably be hard to convert. So what can we do to save their souls?
  28. Does mainstream Islam endorse violence?
  29. Is religion morally wrong?
  30. Does the Bible display poor ethics and morals?
  31. What makes the Bible a reliable source of knowledge besides tradition?
  32. Conservapedia:Why should we be afraid of God?
  33. Conservapedia:Do conservative Christians have an unquestioning faith which is comparable to that of the Party in the book 1984?
  34. Conservapedia:Antisemitism
  35. Conservapedia:Are Christianity and the Bible superior to other religions and scriptures?
  36. Conservapedia: Is "Coercive Interrogation" consistent with Christian Values?
  37. Should all access to Conservapedia be banned on Sundays?
  38. Either God is indecisive or the world's major religions have ALL got it wrong
  39. Mary Magdalene - First Witness to the Resurrection - Significance?
  40. Debate:Was Christ a fundamentalist?
  41. Conservapedia:Atheism vs. Deism
  42. Atheism vs. Pastafarianism
  43. Why is homosexuality so bad?
  44. Debate:Are Young Earth Creationists detracting others from the Faith?
  45. If Noah only brought two of every animal on the ark, wouldn't subsequent generations of animals have become increasingly inbred?
  46. Debate:Is there 1 God or are there many gods?
  47. Debate: Can you be a true Christian and believe in evolution?
  48. Debate:Should gay marriage be allowed?
  49. Debate:Is atheism a religion
  50. Adoption and Abortion
  51. Debate: If not naturalism, how do we decide which supernatural explanation is correct?
  52. Debate: Are Mormons Christians?
  53. Debate: Mormons. Are they Christians?

Historical debates

  1. Conservapedia:Was Benjamin Franklin a deist?
  2. Did racism play a role in the decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  3. Conservapedia:Was the European colonization of the Americas good for the native people?
  4. Was President George H. W. Bush wrong to leave Saddam in power in 1991?
  5. Conservapedia: Which was worse? the Civil War and it's effects or slavery?
  6. Why are most actors turned politicians Republicans?

Political debates

  1. Debate: To what extent should we have obscenity laws
  2. Debate: Is communism founded on Christian doctrine?
  3. Conservapedia:Why do we still have an embargo on Cuba?
  4. Quoting Conservapedia's front page; "The British government just affirmed its ban on mentioning Intelligent Design to students.[3] No one there seems to notice how Britain's decline coincided with its promotion of evolution frauds like the Piltdown Man." - Has Britain REALLY declined?
  5. Is illegal immigration control the answer to illegal immigration?
  6. Has Britain become the 51st State of the US?
  7. Conservapedia:You think these Phd's are nuts?
  8. Does the European Union pose a threat to United States Security?
  9. Which is true; progressive Liberal or regressive liberal
  10. Define torture
  11. Should the United States have entered World War I?
  12. Should the United States have entered World War II?
  13. Should the United States have eliminated communism in North Korea as General Douglas MacArthur wanted?
  14. Was the United States right to drop atomic bombs so quickly on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  15. If President Roosevelt had known about the Pearl Harbor attack in advance, would it have been wrong for him to allow the attack in order to wake up the American public and motivate Americans to fight and win the war?
  16. Is gun-control the answer to crimes involving guns?
  17. Was world war inevitable?
  18. Does "free trade" increase wealth or simply redistribute it?
  19. Is it even possible to install democracy in a Muslim country?
  20. Is democracy even possible in Iraq?
  21. Should we have given the Panama Canal back to Panama?
  22. Should the United States leave the United Nations?
  23. Crusades... Good or Bad?
  24. Was American soldier Michael New right to refuse to fight wearing part of a United Nations uniform? See Michael New
  25. Which is a more powerful ideology, Islam or Communism?
  26. Should the United States intervene in small countries to defeat communism there?
  27. Should public displays of the 10 Commandments be allowed under the constitution?
  28. Which has the best philosophy of education: the public school system, private schools, or the home school movement?
  29. Should people genetically engineer a cure for homosexuality?
  30. Should Bush pardon Scooter Libby?
  31. Should We Support Democrats For Life.org?
  32. Women in the Military?
  33. Should students learn a foreign language?
  34. Why does the right side of the political spectrum tend to be more religious?
  35. Conservapedia:Should there be a consistent standard on human rights applied to left and right?
  36. Should American companies be allowed to send their own troops into a war which America is participating in?
  37. Giuliani's lack of social conservative viewpoints should not stop you from voting for him.
  38. Is President Bush good for America?
  39. Is the Iraq War a success?
  40. Does Single sex schooling promotes homosexuality?
  41. Is the murder of 3,000 people just a few or is it a lot? Does it make a difference if the murdered people are Americans?
  42. Does the media really have a liberal bias?
  43. Who was the last Democrat to quit due to ethics and what year was it? Is it fair for Republicans to due the same?
  44. What kind of leader will Democrats make if they run from debates on Fox?
  45. Are the Democrats capable of fighting terrorism?
  46. Does porn actually cause (not merely correlate to) violence?
  47. Can a rogue nation be thought of as a sovereign nation?
  48. Has Russia reinstalled stealth communism?
  49. Do we all know what Democrat Presidential candidates stand for yet?
  50. Define Civil War
  51. Should gun sales to terror suspects be allowed?
  52. Who would you support for President in 2008?
  53. Is Darwinism liberal or is it conservative?
  54. Why did God place most of the world's oil in politically unstable places?
  55. Restoring the USA image in the world, just a fancy phrase that means zilch?
  56. Placing the blame on how America got polarized
  57. Conservapedia:Is most government criticism really patriotic?
  58. Conservapedia:Is environmentalism mostly about preserving natural resources?
  59. Conservapedia:Is the conservative stance on illegal immigration going to loose the Hispanic vote for the GOP in the 08' election?
  60. Should President Bush Condemn Armenian Genocide? New as of October 10, 2007
  61. Third Party Debate
  62. Debate:Who kills more innocent people: religious believers or atheists?
  63. Was congress right to override president Bush's veto on the water projects bill?
  64. Is opening the borders the solution to the social security crisis?
  65. Debate:Preferred Democrat for the White House?
  66. Does Republican equal conservative? Does Democrat equal liberal?
  67. Obama's preacher.
  68. Is president Bush ignoring human rights violations in China?
  69. Debate:Should the United States begin Colonizing Space?
  70. Should the federal government have the power to define marriage?

Scientific debates

  1. If intelligent design is just as valid as evolution, where are all their scientific findings and publishings?
  1. Does Darwinian natural selection suggest that bigotry is a necessary self-defense mechanism?
  2. Does Darwinian natural selection suggest that homosexuality is bad for the survival of a species?
  3. Is Darwinian natural selection compatible with Marxism?
  4. Is the theory of macroevolution true?
  5. Is Giving Birth the Bible Way Better?
  6. Should Creationism/Intelligent design be taught as a scientific alternative to evolution in public schools?
  7. Is global warming evident, and if so, is this the fault of man, and how must man stop it?
  8. If the universe is young and it takes light millions of years to reach us from far off stars, how can we see them?
  9. God, Earth and Global Warming
  10. Is the evidence in favor of evolution convincing?
  11. If the Bible didn't contain a creation story, would anyone even consider the idea of a young earth?
  12. Is Relativity in direct conflict with the Genesis account?
  13. Who feels that scientific related articles should only reference published research papers instead of websites when dealing with research instead of application?
  14. If it could be unambiguously demonstrated that man is NOT the most evolved animal
  15. Why are God's works always questioned?
  16. Are there any elements of choice
  17. Listing the Earth's most pressing needs in urgent order of fixing
  18. Is homosexuality a mental illness?
  19. Can the science of evolution be separated from the philosophy of it?

Debates about Conservapedia

  1. Conservapedia:Is Conservapedia representing a conservative POV or a Young Earth Creationist POV?
  2. Is Conservapedia anti-British?
  3. The liberal quotient of Conservapedia; what is it? Does it matter?
  4. Does bias impair Wikipedia's reliability?
  5. Should the term list entries be included in Conservapedia's entry count?
  6. How should Conservapedia work to avoid having a conservative bias?
  7. Can Conservapedia Succeed?
  8. Is Conservapedia fair and balanced?
  9. How can we protect Conservapedia by distinguishing real conservative encyclopedia articles from satires written by liberals?
  10. What exactly is Conservapedia?
  11. Was the media attention needed?
  12. Conservapedia Debate Topics full of far left liberal netroots
  13. Which is true; progressive Liberal or regressive liberal
  14. Conservapedia:Where do you personally look for facts and information on topics "When did Brahms live" or "Why did Monet paint grainstacks?"
  15. Conservapedia:Is it okay for Conservapedia to have biased articles?
  16. Conservapedia:On whether certain articles on human anatomy should be pre-emptively blanked and protected
  17. Conservapedia:Who deletes entire discussion items from here? And why?
  18. Why do users, who contribute substantially, choose to leave this community?
  19. Why do the creators of Conservapedia see Wikipedia as un-American?
  20. Is the use of copyrighted photographs without permission stealing?
  21. Are there too many debates on Conservapedia?
  22. Conservapedia:Is it tasteless for Conservapedia to critique the Virginia Tech poem on the Main Page?
  23. Conservapedia:Has anyone ever been been banned for pointing out that many of the other entries on this site are in need of citation and evidence to back up statements?
  24. Conservapedia:Does an encyclopedia define complex subjects, or insert more bias into them?
  25. Conservapedia: Do sysops block editing on pages when it seems their opponents are making strong points?
  26. Conservapedia: Is Conservapedia a 'Trustworthy Encyclopedia'?
  27. Conservapedia: Does altering the record of debate in a wiki 'Encyclopedia' render the entire thing a farce?
  28. Democrats next move, link more stories of heartache like those from Kansas to Gulf Coast.
  29. Do quotes used to support a theory just make an article look stupid?
  30. Is Conservapedia blinkered?
  31. Conservapedia:Does Conservapedia censor opponents the way Expelled says ID advocates are censored?
  32. Debate:Is the Conservapedia Logo in violation of US Flag Code?
  33. Conservapedia:The 90/10 rule exists soley to squash debate, and should be eliminated

Funny, maybe?

  1. Are cats just useless dogs?
  2. Is the Platypus evidence that God has a sense of humour?
  3. Was the shooting at Virginia Tech somehow President Bush's fault? (kind of like he caused hurricane Katrina)
  4. Are video games getting better or worse as graphics, sound, and gameplay complexity improve?
  5. Debate:Favorite old time radio show


  1. Conservapedia:Are alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine gateway drugs?
  2. Conservapedia:Is Rap music torture?
  3. Conservapedia:Should marijuana be legalized?
  4. Debate:What are the lessons that we should take away from the Milgram Experiment
  5. Conservapedia:Does the Theory of Evolution promote atheism?
  6. Discussion:Colorado Mall Shootings
  7. Discussion:Creationist
  8. Debate:Is the Theory of Evolution a conspiricy?
  9. Debate:How should we view the fact leading scientists do not believe in god?
    1. Conservapedia:Does modern music negatively influence children