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The Conservapedia Manual of Style contains standardized information regarding how to edit pages on Conservapedia. This helps keep a consistent tone in most articles.

Content Articles (Main Namespace)

Content articles are any and all pages which are not preceded by a colon and a prefix. For example, the article George W. Bush would be a content article (article in the main namespace), and the article Conservapedia:Commandments would not.


The layout of each content or encyclopedic article needs to be uniform across all of Conservapedia. Please discuss this layout on the talk page!

Introductory paragraph
(body content)
==See also==
==External links==

Layout questions:

Why is the ==See also== section listed after the ==References== section?
The reasoning behind this is that the References have a greater and more immediate relevance to the article itself, while the See also resources have a lesser relevance. Basically the more relevant the content is, the closer it should be to the person reading the article.

Creation of a new article

At Conservapedia it is easy to create a new article as can be seen by our resource: How to create a new article.

When you create a new article, please do one or both of the following so people can find your article:

  • Link your article from one or more other articles as appropriate.
  • Put one or more Category tags at the bottom of your article, preferably for a category that already exists.


To facilitate the the alphabetization of individuals, add {{DEFAULTSORT: Surname, Given Middle}} to an article. In this format, Surname, Given and Middle are placeholders. The placeholder Surname is the person's last name, and the placeholder Given is the person's given name or Christian name in the case of individuals baptized into the Christian faith. Middle is optional, and can either be the complete middle name or an initial. Names of individuals with multiple or concatenated last names should substitute whatever is appropriate to generate correct the alphabetical listing for surname. E.g., Hillary Rodham Clinton should be {{DEFAULTSORT: Clinton, Hillary Rodham}} and Vicente Fox Quesada should be {{DEFAULTSORT: Fox Quesada, Vicente}}.

Article Names

Article names should be written in lower case, except for proper nouns. This makes linking easier.

The first letter may be either lower case or upper case. In either case, the Wiki software will automatically display the first letter in upper case

For example, use Theory of evolution, not Theory of Evolution.

The article name should be used at or very close to the start of the article, and this use of it should be in bold. See the first line of this page for an example.

If an article name should include a lower-case first letter, including the {{lowercase}} template will provide a notice that the title should be in lower case.

What Not To Include In Articles

The inclusion of sexual orientation in a biography is generally prohibited due to the Commandment against gossip. In the rare instance where the subject himself has publicly insisted that his sexuality is important, then the subject's own quotes are necessary as a source.

Date style

  • Do not wikilink dates!
  • The style "July 4, 1776" is preferred.
  • If the day of the week is involved, e.g., "Sunday, December 7, 1941", the comma after the day of the week is optional ("Sunday December 7, 1941" is allowed).
  • US Military style is tolerated in context: "4 July 1776".
  • If it is necessary for clarity to show the era of the year, Always use BC and AD (as opposed to BCE and CE). See Anno Domini for a full discussion.


  • American English spellings are preferred but Commonwealth spellings, for de novo or otherwise well-maintained articles are welcome, and edit wars over the subject are seriously discouraged. The context of the article should help resolve edit wars; an article about Britain would use Commonwealth spelling, while an article about the United States would use American English.

Check spelling

Always use correct spelling. All recent browsers, as with Google, can be equipped with spelling checkers that integrate directly into the browser. If you have one of the following browsers, please download the spelling checker at the link provided:

  • Internet Explorer - download at iespell
  • Opera - download at GNU Aspell
  • Mozilla Firefox - download at Spellbound or update to the latest version of Firefox, which has a built-in spelling checker.

Bad spelling doesn't inspire confidence in your article.

Country Names

When countries are first mentioned in articles, abbreviations are not to be used, but may be used for subsequent references. For example, use "United States" or "United States of America" and "United Kingdom", not simply "US", "U.S.", "UK", etc. After the first occurrence, it is acceptable to use "U.S." or "U.K." for example, but do not link such uses.

Citing Sources and Using Footnotes

Always cite and give credit to your sources, even if in the public domain. Please do not cite wikis as sources, except when specifically talking about that wiki. Please also see: Conservapedia: footnotes - technical help

Uncited Material at Conservapedia

Completely Uncited Article or Completely Uncited Section of an Article

If you see a article or section of an article that is completely uncited please feel free to put a uncited tag on that particular article or section of an article. Also, when placing a uncited tag on a article or section, please feel free to send the person or persons who wrote that section a friendly and gentle reminder regarding the uncited material plus a friendly thank you for contributing to Conservapedia. Having cited material helps insure that Conservapedia material is true and verifiable plus it provides a resource so readers can found more information on a subject.

Here is the tag you use to indicate a article or section of an article in uncited and please place it at the top of the article that is completely uncited or at the top of the section of the article that is completely uncited:

Uncited Sentence

If a sentence needs to be cited please use the "fact" template at the end of the sentence.

Here is the fact template and please place it at the end of the uncited sentence:


Re-Directs & Name Changes

Always check with an Administrator (by posting on their talk page or reaching them by email or IM) before re-directing articles or changing their names. We prefer, if an Administrator agrees, to move pages, that keeps their edit and talk history intact, and with the article.


Unlike articles, categories are to be in title case (e.g. Australian Cities and Towns, not Australian cities and towns), and are to be plural where applicable (e.g. Planets, not Planet, but Rail Transport).

Discussion pages

Conservapedia: Discussion page - technical help

Other Topics

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