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This is a developing outline for a 12 week course on Conservapedia on the unborn child. Please suggest improvements.

  • Week 1: Basic facts about development of the unborn child by week; watch videos or ultrasounds, and see images. Some basic vocabulary, including the terms "prenatal", "human fetus," etc.
This would include an overview of the biological development of the embryonic child; for example, an overview of fertilization, gastrulation, and the three main tissues - endoderm, ectoderm, and mesoderm - would be included. Included also will be a discussion of organogenesis, the way in which these three tissues create the organs of the unborn child. Note that organogenesis starts very early - at about 3 weeks. 98% of abortions occur after this point. [1]
  • Week 2: Experiences and behavior of the unborn child, how it spends time and what it senses, such as fetal pain.
  • Week 3: Biological changes in mother during development of unborn child.
  • Week 4: Biblical references to unborn child.
This would include a rigorous study of how exactly the Bible treats the concept of an unborn child.
  • Week 5: Specific periods in development of unborn child: the first 8 weeks, also known as the embryonic stage.
Week 1-3: The predecessors to the spine, spinal cord, braid, heart, and gastrointestinal tract begin to form. Week 4-5: Neurogenesis begins, and brain activity is seen at 6 weeks. Week 6-8: Facial features, hair, and organs start to develop, and the baby is capable of motion.
  • Week 6: Development in the unborn child from weeks 9 through 16.
  • Week 7: Development in the unborn child from weeks 17 through 25.
  • Week 8: Development after week 25.
  • Week 9: The billion-dollar abortion industry
An analysis of the abortion industry, and how it misleads pregnant women. Includes a discussion of the racial discrimination of abortion - that is, how more black fetuses are aborted than white - and will touch on sex-selective abortion (abortion of female fetuses). This section of the course will include rigorous study of the statistics that illustrate these points.
  • Week 10: Psychology and brain development of an unborn child.
  • Week 11: Discussion of legal rights of the unborn child.
These rights date back to at least the 1600s.
  • Week 12: The psychological effects on women after an abortion, such as Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS). [2] This section also studies the causes of infertility and other problems with reproduction.

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