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Editors who persistently create poorly thought out edits on a particular topic(s) or who purposefully do poor edits in a particular topic(s) may be asked to stop editing a certain topic(s) and any relevant talk pages. In addition, he may be asked to stop editing the main page talk page.

For example, such an editor may be asked to refrain from editing political/religious/history articles or various other kinds of articles.

Editors who receive topic bans may incur them due to their article edits and/or their talk page edits.

The topic bans may expire after a certain amount of good faith edits or after a period of time. In addition, the topic bans may be permanent in nature.

If an editor is a new editor and has not built up a reputation of quality edits, the topic ban may be imposed quickly if the low quality of his edit/edits merits it.

Also, if the matter merely requires an editor to be better educated about a topic, the editor in question may be asked to create an article in draft space. If the draft article is of sufficient quality, it will be moved to Conservapedia article space.

In particularly egregious cases, where an editor engages in a clear bad faith edit(s), the editor may be banned from Conservapedia for a specified period of time rather than incur a topic ban.

Posting of the topic ban

The topic ban will be posted on the user talk page of the person who receives a topic ban.

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