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[[Conservapedia:User complaints/Archives]]
[[Conservapedia:User complaints/Archives]]
== The attacks by a Conservapedia Admin on a current Admin needs to stop completely and if he persists there need to be consequences ==
[[File:Matador1.jpg|alt=machismo|thumbnail|276px|Olé! Olé! Olé!]]
One thing I want to add about the current situation of [[User: RobSmith]] currently attacking [[User: Conservative]].
RobSmith has been relentlessly attacking me via talk pages (and other pages of Conservapedia) and provoking me to respond to him. While this morning I  made the decision to totally ignore him henceforth, this is unwarranted. I have brought a lot of traffic and publicity to Conservapedia. And currently, I do work for conservative organizations and assist a leading podcast in a beneficial way by inviting some conservatives.  I realize that RobSmith may have all the time in the world to waste vindictively attacking me, but this is very foolish and it needs to stop. 
I updated my bio for Conservapedia and it reflects the work I currently do. And none of it involves the slanderous and false gossip that RobSmith is trying to push such as me allegedly being a bisexual, being a partner in 3-way love affair, attending a church whose pastor is married to a drag queen or being an unethical salesman (I don't even currently work in sales).  
The problem with gossip is that it not only disgraces the tall tale bearer, but it also brings shame to Conservapedia. Recently, a fellow Conservapedian said that fellow conservatives seeing RobSmith's shameful behavior harms Conservapedia's reputation among fellow conservatives.
And the icing on the cake is that User: RobSmith set up [[Conservapedia:Team CP]] to supposedly help promote cordiality at Conservapedia. Unsurprisingly, only one Conservapedian joined. And ironically, the one Conservapedian who did join, recently criticized User: RobSmith for his incivility. I believe that RobSmith set up Team CP to make himself look good and to serve as a distraction away from his obviously uncivil behavior. Well, it's not working as 5 Conservapedians have commented to me about User: RobSmith's bad behavior.
And if this wasn't bad enough, recently the Admin RobSmith vindictively vandalized the popular article [[Internet atheism]] which has over 87,000 page views created by User: Conservative and removed over 50,000 bytes of content from the article. And Admin is supposed to stop vandalism at Conservapedia - not create it!
Here is my update to my bio on Conservapedia's page on Conservapedia just to make things perfectly clear:
The [[User:Conservative|Conservative]] account has contributed the majority of content to the extremely popular [[Atheism]], [[evolution]], and [[homosexuality]] articles. User: Conservative's work has been cited/quoted/referred to by the ''[[Los Angeles Times]]'', ''[[USA Today]]'', ''The [[Chicago Tribune]]'', ''[[The Telegraph]]'', ''The Tampa Tribune'', [[Concerned Women for America]], [[CRU]], [[WorldNetDaily]], [[Shockofgod]], [[Penn Jillette]], [[PZ Myers]], [[Secular Talk|Kyle Kulinski]], Lewis Black, and a leading French news outlet. The [[PNN News and Ministry Network]] produced a video entitled [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3paAT8AO2Gk Viral article deals major blow to atheism]. The book ''Atheist Persona: Causes and Consequences'' by John J. Pasquini, Th.D, cites Conservapedia's [[Causes of atheism]] article several times. [https://books.google.com/books/about/Atheist_Persona.html?id=TaTsnQEACAAJ] Currently, User: Conservative is a Producer for a politics/social commentary/investigative reporting podcast that is among the top 1/2 percent of podcast in popularity and he has obtained interviews from best-selling authors, academics, filmmakers, political activists and religious figures. He also provides and/or has provided digital marketing services for a company, some leading nonprofits and a church in addition to being a writer who writes content for popular articles on the internet.
I trust this information helps clarify matters. And by the way, Andy knows these things are true just in case the gossiper RobSmith should wish to contend my bio. [[User:Conservative|Conservative]] ([[User talk:Conservative|talk]]) 07:56, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
:The problem specifically is, User:Conservative does not allow any discussion on his user talk page. So now he's upset about [[Talk:Main_Page#Geopolitics]] cause he has refused private, civil discussion. I have been trying to warn him for a year and half when he decided to become a geoploitical expert. But he refuses to listen to other people. So any discussion has to occur on article maninspace talk pages - because he refuses discussion on user talk.
:In the case of User:Geoplitiician, I mistakenly took him for a Ratvandal because of his name, until he and I were able to have a discussion about the father of Geopolitics. And User:Geo appeared to be knowledgeable, in [[good faith]], and qualified.
:User:Conservative has made himself an expert on his userpage here: [[User:Conservative#User: Conservative.27s_geopolitics_essays]]; either he can defend use of that term or he cannot. And he cannot, evidenced by his actions, like organizing another mob to attack me, and his shallow, [[Russophobic]] writings on Geopolitics. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 10:53, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
::Thumbnailed from the discussion at talk/MPR:
{{quotebox-float|This is the No. 1 issue facing the planet right now, and we need to hear from our resident Geopolitical expert, whether MPR should be pro-Nazi or anti-Nazi, pro-[[global fascism]] or anti-[[globalist|global fascism]]. This is the purpose of talk/MPR. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 00:42, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
:See, if our resident Geopolitical expert were a [[Team CP|Cooperative Editor]] who didn't have his user page locked all the time or goes crying to Andy everytime someone tries to talk to him, he could have been warned about the big pile of doggie doo laying in the middle of the street he was walking into. But no, he has been more consumed with his Russophobic screeds the past year and a half. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 01:10, September 24, 2023 (EDT)}}
:My proposed solution to this problem is to not allow User:Conservative to keep his user talk locked all the time, or have a second user talk page he alternatively opens or keeps locked. He is abusing his Admin Page Protect privileges by denying editors' to contact him. If he feels he's being harassed or attacked on his user talk page, he can squash them like cockroaches. If he feels [[Bad faith editing]] occurs, he can take it to [[Conservapedia:User complaints]], like everyone else. But this game of "I'm teacher's pet cause Andy likes me best" gets old after awhile, and he's just another mortal human being who makes mistakes like the rest of us. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 11:38, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
:The wider problem is his abuse of Page Protect for 16 years; he's used it to shield himself from the world and NOT for its intended purpose - to fight vandalism. He, like another retired Admin, preferred to play whack-a-mole for the endorphin rush, rather than simply Page Protect the vandals' targets. And reformers, such as myself, who attempted to propose solutions, were ganged up on and attacked as Ratvandals. So we had to remain silent. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 11:47, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
::I stand with User:Conservative. The recent "Geopolitics" subsection in Talk:Main Page was an irrelevant personal attack against another Conservapedia administrator that never would've been practical to advertise on MPR anyways. —[[User:LT|<code><span style="background:#FF8181">'''LT'''</span></code>]] '''''[[User talk:LT|<sup>Rev. 22:13</sup>]]''''' Sunday, 11:50, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
:::After 16 years of not understanding what Page Protect is for and misusing that privilege, User:Conservative thinks he's insulated from criticism. And you're just PO'd cause of the 10 minute blocks I give you when you override Admin actions. If you want to be a good, neutral, and fair Admin someday (which I think you could be), you don't want to be a suck-up, like the mob User:Conservative is organizing right now. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 11:56, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
::::User:Conservative is in the right for this dispute; you're not. The problem isn't the fact in of itself that you don't like Conservative's essays—the problem is that you decided to advertise your trans–drama queen credentials in Talk:Main Page, a page that, [[Special:Diff/1958328|as you yourself put it]], "is for Main Page Right content. All other discussions are at the [[Conservapedia:Community Portal]]." And according to Conservapedia's article on [[Liberal]], hypocrisy is indeed a liberal trait. (I insisted on moving the discussion entirely to COMPORT, but you objected)
::::Karajou is hereby vindicated! Olé! Olé! Olé! —[[User:LT|<code><span style="background:#FF8181">'''LT'''</span></code>]] '''''[[User talk:LT|<sup>Rev. 22:13</sup>]]''''' Sunday, 12:07, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
:::::Bingo. You and I discussed User:Conservative's misuse of Page Protect 2-3 years ago in Slack. Now you've flipped. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 12:24, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
:::::Page Protect is to fight vandalism, not for an Admin to insulate himself from criticism. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 12:27, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
::::::You're complaining about User:Conservative locking his user talk page. Well, that doesn't affect you anyways, since the highest level he can lock to, "Administrators only," has zero impact on whether you can edit it. Has any of us non-admins complained about Conservative locking his talk page?
::::::And Conservative didn't scam me two years ago, unlike you. I hope this clarifies matters. —[[User:LT|<code><span style="background:#FF8181">'''LT'''</span></code>]] '''''[[User talk:LT|<sup>Rev. 22:13</sup>]]''''' Sunday, 12:30, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
:::::::Bingo again, a second time. He treats another Admin like a cockroach who has been trying to warn him of the big pile of dog doo he was walking straight into, and goes crying to Andy every time I try to help.
:::::::Now we're facing a government shut down in 6 days, and he has dog doo all over his shoes. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 12:38, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
===Essay: Cutting off a gangrenous limb in your life can be quite freeing and enable you to do much more===
Andy, I take this as a personal attack on me. [https://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=Essay:_Cutting_off_a_gangrenous_limb_in_your_life_can_be_very_freeing_and_enable_you_to_do_much_more&direction=prev&oldid=1986374 Essay: Cutting off a gangrenous limb in your life can be very freeing and enable you to do much more]. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 13:46, September 24, 2023 (EDT)
I'm growing quite tired of this. Here User:Conservative calls himself "a realist", which is to say a [[Machiavellian]]:
[[File:I am a realist.PNG]]
then accuses me 43 times on Andy's talk page of being a Machiavellian.  He simply is far out of his league discussing [[geopolitics]], and doesn't know what he's talking about. He's only motivated by my statement "This month will determine the future of global politics" (note: I did not use the term "geopolitics") and he then tried to refute me. So he became obsessed with proving me wrong by declaring himself a geopolitical expert, and fly casting for neocon talking points on Google. I tried to warn him, but he squashed me like a cockroach on his user page everytime. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Give Peace a Chance!'']]</sup> 15:17, September 24, 2023 (EDT)

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