Last modified on August 6, 2011, at 17:50

Conservapedia:Writing plan

This a proposal to improve Conservapedia or its policies and guidelines. It is not official, and does not have wide acceptance. Please regard it as tentative and formative.

A writing plan may be requested by a sysop from an individual contributor, to help focus that contributor on how they can best make positive contributions to the project. The writing plan will be reviewed by the sysop who requested it. Typically, as a new contributor you are not required to submit a writing plan but may simply jump in. Make corrections, add links to other articles, or add external references to other web sites. Add to existing articles or start one of your own. It is only when contributions don't seem to fit in with the overall goals of the project that a writing plan will be requested. This most commonly occurs when a user creates an account just to argue against the purpose of the project (although users are welcome to visit our Debate Topics for that). Refusal to submit a writing plan is grounds for dismissal from the project.