Conservapedia Derangement Syndrome

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Conservapedia Derangement Syndrome is a term used to describe the irrational insults and condemnation frequently levelled at Conservapedia.

Since its founding in November 2006, Conservapedia has faced numerous detractors. This trend has continued through the present consistently over the history of the encyclopedia.[1][2][3]

Conservapedia has been insulted, mocked, derided, and labelled with terms such as "fake news," "conspiracy theorists,"[4] and "bigoted."[5]

Even classical liberal political commentator June Lapine, who routinely lampoons feminism and political correctness, has mocked Conservapedia.[6]

The search results for, "Conservapedia" on YouTube are overwhelmingly negative,[7] in addition to the results for, "Zionism and capitalism,"[8] which are two key values of Conservapedia. Even the positive videos have been received extremely negatively by viewers.[9]

Although Conservapedia is clearly non-partisan, even criticizing Breitbart News, some argue the contrary, often using its name as evidence for their claim.[10]

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