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This is a growing list of Conservapedia insights, which includes items recognized or emphasized here well before recognition by an official agency, by liberals, or by the general public:

  1. Conservapedia has long observed the implausibility of, and inconsistency in, Barack Obama's claims to have converted to Christianity. On September 7, 2008, Obama referred to his "Muslim faith" in a nationally televised interview.[2][3]
  2. Conservapedia developed and sent a Letter to PNAS that identified five (5) specific flaws to a paper it published by Richard Lenski and others. The Lenski paper had been in peer review for no more than a mere 14 days prior to its publication by PNAS. More than a month after the flaws was publicly posted on Conservapedia, there was still no adequate explanation of the flaws, or corrections made. The Letter to PNAS was officially accepted by PNAS's electronic submission system in a form substantially similar to its presentation here.
  3. Conservapedia has long observed that girls are injured in sports at much higher rates than boys, and how liberals denial or downplay it.[1] Finally, on May 11, 2008, the New York Times recognized this fact by finally admitting that a girl's soccer team "with 18 players, had suffered eight A.C.L. tears — eight — during her high-school years. ... The rate of concussions sustained by high school girls who play soccer is 1.5 times the rate for boys who play soccer."[2]
  4. On Jan. 27, 2008, Conservapedia criticized Harvard's decision to have J.K. Rowling as its commencement speaker shortly after she catered to the homosexual agenda.[3] Over three months later and as the commencement day approached, the Harvard newspaper (the "Crimson") published a similar criticism: "A petty pop culture personality of questionable permanence will send us on our merry way, while figures of real substance wait in the wings."[4] "Our commencement speaker tricked parents into letting their kids read books filled with sex, murder, and homosexual role models."[4]
  5. Conservapedia first recognized the liberal push for an Affirmative Action President. On Feb. 4, 2008, ten days after this entry appeared here, Michael Savage commented that, if elected, Barack Obama will be the first Affirmative Action President, as he has such a small amount of political (or military) experience.[5] On March 10, 2008, an article is posted on entitled, "Are We Ready For An Affirmative Action President?"[6] On March 11, 2008, John Harwood published an article on CNBC's website entitled, "Obama: Affirmative Action Candidate?!"[7] On March 12, 2008, Joseph Farah, founder of, published a column entitled, "The affirmative-action president."[8]
  6. Conservapedia first recognized the remarkably high correlation between Hollywood figures and plight of breast cancer at a young age, which suggests that their lifestyle plays a role in increasing the likelihood of that tragic disease.[9]
  7. Conservapedia first noted that the number of new conservative terms doubles by century. What began as a qualitative and approximate observation, developed into a perfect pattern when several Conservapedia editors took the time to explore the topic more carefully. This is a special case of the more general Conservapedia Law, which states that the number of conservative insights increases over time at a geometric rate.
  8. Conservapedia has noted that the theory of relativity cannot possibly be true, and has exposed that the theory is highly advocated by liberals who use it to promote moral relativism. In particular, Conservapedia has noted several passages from the Bible that are at odds with relativity, like John 4:46-54.
  9. Conservapedia has discovered new instances of Biblical scientific foreknowledge. Not all the entries are Conservapedia originals, but some of them are. Examples include several cases of quantum mechanical knowledge in the Bible: the transformation of water into wine by Jesus may imply that the drink was in a superposition of water state and wine state, and the fact that Jesus appeared before his Apostles in a completely closed room in John 20:26 may be foreshadowing quantum tunnelling.
  10. Conservapedia has noted that the English language has been progressively secularized by liberals, homosexuals, atheists, evolutiionists and leftists, in an attempt to remove the Christian origins of our language. This secularization is actively supported by the lamestream media.
  11. Conservapedia is producing the only translation of the Bible completely free of liberal bias. Besides the inherent benefit of such a project, this translation has also shown that the best of the public usually produces higher quality work that the supposed experts, who for the most part are liberals.


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