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Anti-Gay Rhetoric

I have seen a real burst of anti-gay rhetoric here lately. I think the problem is this: fundamentalist Christians oppose homosexuality, and editors on this site read that as license to oppose homosexuals. A basic dictum of tolerance, and life in civil society, is that when you disagree with someone, and even when you disagree with someone as to a basic aspect of their personality, you do not make it personal, or reach for reasons to criticize them. You live & let live, even if you think they're wrong.

Gay rights activists, like me, don't want to mess with Christianity, or private Christian teachings, or private Christian beliefs. We just hope that homosexuals can be accepted into civil society as equals. That's all. The goal is not to teach that homosexuality is right, but rather that it deserves acceptance, and not to be sidelined & insulted at every turn. That's it. Can we agree on these ground rules?-AmesGyo! 16:40, 30 April 2007 (EDT)