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acid rain
True Conservative meaning - A likely false theory that pollution returns to earth in the rain.
False liberal redefinition - A reason to limit industry.

Ad Hominem
True Conservative meaning - A debate tactic where the opponent is attacked instead of their ideas, frequently used by foolish liberals.
Affirmative Action
Date: 20th century
True Conservative meaning - Reverse discrimination.
False liberal redefinition - A way of helping people of color.
True Conservative meaning - Self sacrifice in the model of Jesus.
False liberal redefinition - Liberals frequently argue that altruism doesn't exist.

True Conservative meaning - An alteration to a bill or constitution.

True Conservative meaning - Far left extremists who use terrorism to promote the failed concept of communism.
False liberal redefinition - Someone who supports the free market.

True Conservative meaning - The rule of a single person with unlimited authority. This is the system liberals want.
False liberal redefinition - Dictatorship of the proletariat.

Axis of Evil
True Conservative meaning - A group of countries who are sworn enemies of the US: North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, China.
False liberal redefinition - A term made up by George W. Bush to get support to go to war.