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True conservative meaning - selection or distortion of facts to support a liberal position.
False liberal redefinition - not immediately accepting the liberal position as true.
True conservative meaning - the inspired and preserved Word of God, in the form of a collection of texts sacred to Judaism and Christianity
False liberal redefinition - An old book of fairy tales, propaganda, and libel that isn't relevant in the modern age, or at best a book that each believer is free to reinterpret for himself
Birthright Citizenship
True conservative meaning - The precious right to American citizenship conferred by being born to American citizen parents
False liberal redefinition - Something worthless to be given to anyone who happens to be within American borders when they were born, legally or not
Bill of Rights
True conservative meaning - The first 10 amendments to the US Constitution guaranteeing freedom.
False liberal redefinition - A changing document that can be used to further your political agenda.
True conservative meaning - Dangerous compromising with liberals.
False liberal redefinition - A political action which is supported by both parties.
True conservative meaning - An itemized list of expenses and income which should be balanced.
False liberal redefinition - A list of everything you want, which you then borrow, cheat, or steal your way to acquiring.
Burden of proof
True conservative meaning - The responibility to prove a point, as predetermined by procedural rules or substantive law
False liberal redefinition - Something that atheists are free to shift to theists
Bureaucracy (relating to government)
True conservative meaning - Bloated, ineffectual government.
False liberal redefinition - The standard apparatuses of government, and a way to increase the size of liberal unions.
Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)
True conservative meaning - A frequent disease among paranoid liberals which leads them to hate everything George W. Bush did and blame all current problems on him.
False liberal redefinition - Something whose existence they will deny, instead making nonsensical accusations of a mythical "Obama derangement syndrome"