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True conservative meaning - The false religion of evolution.
False liberal redefinition - A pejorative term used by Creationists to refer to evolution.

True conservative meaning - The act of removing criminal penalties from crimes.
False liberal redefinition - Compassion regarding addiction and other crimes.

Date: 1789
True conservative meaning - member of the tax-and-spend, anti-Christian and pro-abortion Democratic Party.
False liberal redefinition - someone who supports democracy

Date: 1648
True conservative meaning - the study and collection of postcards

Date: 1648
True conservative meaning - a leader who obtains power through liberal deceit

Date: 1963
True conservative meaning - allowing companies to make profits without constant government interference
False liberal redefinition - getting rid of laws that curb the excesses of business through a democratic government

True conservative meaning - A despot who rules without the consent of the people. See Barack Hussein Obama.
False liberal redefinition - any conservative leader.

Date: 12th century
True conservative meaning - a entry to a room or building; usually hinged or sliding

Date: 1835
True conservative meaning - the knob on a door