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Date: 1937
Conservative word
True conservative meaning - taking people's money through taxes and spending it recklessly
False liberal redefinition - taxing to pay for social programs that benefit the needy and less fortunate

Date: 2007
True conservative meaning - one who supports the Tea Party
False liberal redefinition - (definition inappropriate for family website)

Tea Party
True conservative meaning - Grassroots organization founded by Real Americans opposed to big government and Barack Hussein Obama.
False liberal redefinition - A bunch of crazy racists who are part of an astro turfing campaign.
True conservative meaning - A liberal type of governance where one ruler exerts control over every aspect of life
False liberal redefinition - A single ruler state
Date: 1856
Conservative word
True conservative meaning - one who adheres to tradition
False liberal redefinition - one who fears change and wants to cling to a nostalgized past that never actually existed

trade union
(also called labor union, or just union)
Date: 18th century
True conservative meaning - corrupt leaders supposedly representing worker while secretly supporting Democrats
False liberal redefinition - an organization that provides democratic representation to workers in order for them to have a say in matters of the workplace (e.g, work safety, wages, policies etc.)
True Conservative meaning - Absolute truth which cannot be argued. See Bible, conservative principles.
False liberal redefinition - An abstract concept used by religious to justify their faith.