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A thousand new words are developed in English each year. Here is a growing list of conservative concepts, each of which is not yet defined by a single word or two.

Not Yet Recognized Terms Suggestions Comments
pre-9/11 thinking 9/10 mindset terror is jurisdiction of the courts
anti-family tradition opposer, familiopathic
Barry-cades punish Americans A play on the word barricade, Barry being the childhood name of President Obama is now associated with blocking veterans and the general public from monuments during the federal shutdown. No other President has blocked monuments with fencing and guards during previous shutdowns.
blame shift false accusations e.g., guns blamed for an increasing murder rate
buycott counter support An effort to cooperate and promote an organization or a process to nullify campaigns that are targeted by boycott protests.
causing harm by spreading falsehoods deceit e.g., denying or concealing disease and infertility caused by promiscuity
Constitutional values adherence to righteousness as set forth by the Founding Fathers principles set in the Declaration
Counterfeit Marriage uncivil union Manipulating Man's laws by usurping God's laws.
cradle to grave [1] sanctity of life, conception to natural death pro-life stance, also can mean socialist entitlement programs
Cry-bully Adult children Upset and misplaced anger leads to protests and harassment because of hurt feeling over words.
cut and run surrender advocates when the going gets tough, run away from the problem
debtucation tuition noose College student debt is now larger than credit card debt in the US
deliberate ignorance mind-locked, self-centered pride obscuring the truth the term exists; the dictionary does not yet include it
denial that Hell exists Hell-denier? Antinfernal? (Should be "antihadessic" so as not to mix Hellenate and Latinate roots)
denier of the effectiveness of abstinence abstinence-denier?
drive-by media partisan slander liberal mainstream media assault on the GOP or conservative principles, deceitful attacks for opposing viewpoints
easily amused by deceit dolophile from Greek/Latin root dolo- meaning guile, deceit, deception [1]
enemedia pressitutes, Democrat Media Complex a combination of domestic enemy and media, describing the biased media coordination between Democrats the legacy media
Faculty lounge liberal educrat Liberal professors with no real-world job experience, typically hired by Democrat administrations to implement their ideas, like Cass Sunstein.
family-friendly wholesome describes TV programming, websites, social events that are not offensive
Fleebagger Oath breakers Describes liberal politicians who avoid their sworn duties as a way to advance their political agenda.
Hatred of one's country, refusal to recognize the good elements of it, or unreasonably critical of it misopatria, misopatrist From Greek misein, to hate, and Latin patria, nation or homeland
heavenly body celestial body natural objects visible in the sky
hellbound recognized by over 1.3 million sites in a Google search and no substitute term is available, yet dictionaries refuse to recognize it
Hispandering Efforts by both political parties to claim they support the fast growing and influential Hispanic population.
Hoax and Chains Keynesian economics a phonetic play on the rhetoric slogan of Hope and Change. Hope replaced by unemployment and Change represents obsessive tax burdens.
hoax plant fake townhall, kkk teaparty a term to describe a deceitful method of placing an operative that appears to be part of a group in order to push an agenda or to make a competing agenda look ridiculous.
Hollywood values West Coast Hedonism Over 800,000 results on Google, not yet recognized by Merriam-Webster
homo-fascist [2] LGBT Stormtrooper, Gay-vangelist Guardians of gender identity ideology
illegal alien widely used in court decisions and political discourse for years, Merriam-Webster still does not recognize it is as a term.
Ineptocracy circle of failure a government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing.
infotainment tabloid news, dramacast mainstream media presents drama fluff stories as news, e.g. 20/20 - Datelin
limited government we the people democracy first testament to this was the U.S. Constitution, defining Reagans presidency, can't be found in Merriam-Websters.[3]
Low-information Voter Easily manipulated electorate Citizens who base their voting decisions on small issues; contraception, skin color, govt. handouts, etc. instead of character, economic policy, foreign policy.
manufactured outrage fake tears liberal politicians and the liberal media's method of stroking anger to pursue an agenda.
media vigilantism soviet-style censorship media's public campaign to demonize dissent against people or groups, such as Juan Williams.
Mediscare fear card Democrats opposed to entitlement reform use fear to stop changes to Medicare
merit pay performance bonus Doing your job better with perks as a reward. The typical liberal union teacher avoids merit pay at all costs, self before students.
militant gays intimidating homosexual
modern idolatry "media idolatry"; "money idolatry"; "celebrity idolatry" idolatry conjures images of golden calves, and a modern version is needed
moral fabric domestic tranquility ethics and virtues united for the common good of all
morally bankrupt atheism, self-void ethically and spiritually challenged souls
narrative hysteria delusional finger-pointing a frantic attempt to capitalize on calamity by casting their opponents as somehow responsible for an act of madness and evil
nontroversy alarmism manufactured outrage where none exists
opposite of global warming regional warming the North pole shrinks as the South pole increases
opposite of materialism spiritualism and idealism have been its philosophical opposites, historically dualism has been suggested, but it is not the opposite of materialism; "spiritualism" is not a common term and is the "opposite" of materialism
peer pressure used in titles to professional journal articles as early as 1994 can you believe that isn't recognized by Merriam-Webster?
pink mafia Militant gays intimidation and mob tactics by supporters of the gay agenda
proven wrong, a refusal to admit it mulism; heel-digger? cf. mulish. This refusal is what promoted the Parable of the Good Samaritan.
religious right Christian conservatives religion in America almost exclusively a conservative institution, no religious left term in existence.
reward failure TARP too big to fail, bailout bankrupt, mismanagement subsidized
rewrite history [4] deceit, mislead Commonly used term describing liberal deceit to hide, defraud others about factual history.
rogue states rogue nations nations defying international law, only rogue is listed in Merriman-Websters
runaway jury The term has existed for decades, but Merriam-Webster has not recognized it yet.
Rule of Law
schlockumentary propaganda film documentary films based on falsehoods and half-truths
second-generation atheist cradle atheist
selective outrage partisan hypocrisy, bipolar to be against something to further a cause and reject, stay silent, ignore or discount something similar.
smear merchant serial slander to constantly hurl degrading or false accusations against others
Spite House a play on the word White House in which Barack Hussein Obama occupies. Out of spite, Obama closes federal monuments and parks, government websites like the Amber Alert, to make Americans feel the pain of the government shutdown.
strict constructionism an important term for over 200 years to describe adherence to the text of the Constitution, Merriam-Webster still does not recognize it.
Thugocracy Power Hungry Low Life's Government run by thugs, bullies and criminals.
Traditional Values principles of Conservatism much the same as family values but incorporating all aspects society; family, religion, self-sufficiency, the truth, hard work. Only listed in Merriam-Websters to describe what Nilihism is against.
true emergency life support meaning a high probability of serious injury or death to an individual or property. Emergency has been watered down, e.g. to be locked out of one's car.
Unaffected by, or impervious to, the media mediaproof cf. bulletproof. Once John became aware of the extent of liberal deceit, he set about mediaproofing his mind.
Wikipedia's undue influence on people's thinking (e.g. the hearsay society) wikiwashing comparable to brainwashing - Wikipedia's claims and procedures become more important than reality or logic.


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