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Conservative humor and satire resources

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Hillary Clinton wasn't lying! Bosnia gunfire footage was recently discovered. VIDEO

Below are some conservative humor and satire resources:

General conservative humor and satire

Liberals obsessed with Conservapedia are like a dog with a bone. Their dogged persistence in thinking about Conservapedia, discussing Conservapedia and making forecasts about Conservapedia is quite prodigious and intense. See: Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorder

Humor about atheism and evolution

Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorder

Richard Dawkins comedy and satire

PZ Myers comedy and satire essays

See also: PZ Myers comedy and satire

Below is some comedy and satire essays about PZ Myers.

Perhaps if the atheist PZ Myers drank more Slimfast and less beer, he would have had a trimmer figure in this picture.

PZ Myers appears to have a problem with intellectual slothfulness[1] and perhaps his slothfulness applies to his "exercise habits" as well. As of December 26, 2010, Conservapedia is not aware of PZ Myers endorsing any exercise equipment.

Conservative humorous videos

see also: Humorous conservative videos

Below are some conservative humor video resources:

YouTube conservative humor videos:

  • Me Me Meme - parodies the Left, their hive-mindedness and their insanity, as well as various leftist public figures and personality stereotypes
President Barack Obama humbly bowed to Pam Iorio, the mayor of Tampa, Florida. VIDEO

Obama's funniest bloopers!

Barack Obama's bowing:

Video Satires and parodies of liberals - various sources

Humorous Cartoons

Conservapedia's challenge to all leftists

Are you leftist? Conservapedia dares you to go HERE.

Are you a leftists?

Are you ready to see leftism be totally blown out of the water?

Does the thought of seeing leftism refuted turn you into a quivering bowl of jelly?

Behold! Information that refutes leftism can be found HERE

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