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Conservapedia is in a unique position to rank other information sources of all types. Please see our nominations below the table, and fill in others as you like.


Tentative placement (high ranking, medium ranking, low ranking) in parentheses, suggestions welcome:

  • (medium-to-low, not much on social issues)
  • Don't Buy Liberalism
  • (low, much of it repeating liberal news sources; political coverage dominated by foreign policy issues)
  • (has lots of quantity not allowed by lamestream media)
  • (medium, but high quality on global warming issues)
  • (high, especially for news censored by lamestream media, but it does not update news as frequently as other top sites)
  • The Daily Manumitter- Conservative News of the world on one page
  • (high)
  • Fox News (low, but high volume)
  • GatewayPundit
  • Gerald Celente YouTube channel (respects US Constitution, anti-Federal Reserve, limited government, against bailouts and stimulus, pro-capitalism, predicted Tea Party Movement and the Great Recession, against USA being entangled in wars capriciously)
  • (medium)
  • (mid to high, a very vibrant site, with thought provoking articles and essays on rationality and thought. Does not focus on social issues, but when it does, it is quite liberal on them.)
  • (high quality, high volume; reports on social issues better than anyone)
  • (high or medium)
  • NewsBusters (medium)
  • (medium)
  • (medium)
  • (high or medium, but high quality poll statistics)
  • (medium)
  • (low due to crass and vulgar style)
  • (medium or low, but high volume/quality conservative radio transcripts)
  • (medium, but high quality on global warming issues)
  • (mid-low focuses on lies and drama from the internet social networking sites. Best source for debunking rumours and urban legends)
  • Tea Party Economist
  • Washington Examiner
  • Washington Free Beacon
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Weekly Standard
  • News With Views

Other sources:

  • Realclearpolitics (detailed polling about upcoming congressional elections)


  • substantive
  • educational
  • includes social issues
  • does not play favorites among individuals
  • does not waste time and energy on gossip
  • factual accuracy[2]
  • does not rely on offensive, non-family-friendly material to boost traffic
  • informs as well as attracting interest
  • original content

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  1. Conservatives censored (or subjected to hostile interviews) by Fox News include Newt Gingrich (after Fox News decided to back Mitt Romney), Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Tom Pauken, Rev. Tom Euteneuer, Michael Steele, J.D. Hayworth, Steve Lonegan and Tom Coburn; Sharron Angle was rarely on Fox News, far less than John McCain was, even though Angle's race was far more important than McCain's.
  2. "Factual accuracy," per Conservapedia's Manual of Style: "The party affiliation of a news source should be irrelevant. All that matters is whether the source has a record of telling the truth."
Rank Information Source Comments
1 Cybercast News uniquely informative news across all issues, including social ones; a top-quality news site in every respect
2 Patriot Update Founded in 2009, Patriot Update is a leading conservative news source for the everyday American.
3 Newsbusters insightful, original, and good across all issues; exposes liberal deceit well
4 LifeSiteNews terrific focus on pro-life and other moral issues; savvy and original ... and doesn't suffer fools lightly
5 Conservative News and Views relatively new, covers a variety of conservative issues but mostly politics
6 The Hill terrific source of news from Washington, D.C., without liberal bias
7 OneNewsNow a division of the American Family News Network, reporting on general news with liberal selection bias
8 Lifenews has lots of abortion-related stories, and prioritizes them well, but is not critical enough of politicians who pretend to be pro-life
9 Hotair typically links to other stories, often with a neoconservative emphasis rather than socially conservative
10 Washington Times a conservative news source from the nation's capital
11 WorldNetDaily good on some issues, but allowed a column that savaged Todd Akin
12 RedState unhelpful or worse on social issues, such as piling on against Todd Akin amid the media bullying
13 Fox News high volume of info, but censors many conservatives[1] and downplays the social issues (for example, see: Fox News and homosexuality)
14 Christian Science Monitor refreshing in its lack of lamestream media liberal bias
15 USA Today better than the lamestream media in its reporting on state-by-state news, and its greater balance; but it has been very feminist and one-sided in its reporting on Title IX in college sports
16 Orange County Register the newspaper for the region that once propelled Ronald Reagan to become the governor of California, and then the President of the United States
17 Financial Times more conservative than the Wall Street Journal
18 Voice of America worth reading from time to time
19 Conservative News and Views relatively new, covers a variety of conservative issues but mostly politics
20 Terry Hurlbut CP administrator Terry Hurlbut at the Examiner
21 Breitbart breaks some big stories and exposes liberal deceit, but no help on social issues
22 Pro-life blogs a good compendium of blogging on the pro-life issue
23 the 1461 following the Obama Administrations use and Abuse of the Executive Order and more
24 Junkscience exposing the global warming hoax and other liberal falsehoods masquerading as science