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Conservative of the Year 2011

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Tentative Rank Name Achievements Comments
1 Congressman Allen West public stance against Obama and Democrats; West is a tremendous advocate for conservative values one of the few in Congress who actually speaks the truth; could be a future candidate for president
2 Quarterback Tim Tebow inspiring millions with his pro-Christian, pro-life attitude while taking his NFL team from last to first place, winning the AFC West against all odds and then scoring a phenomenal upset in the first round of the playoffs against the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers repeatedly confounds liberal reporters at press conferences, even when they set traps for him
3 Governor Sam Brownback signed the best set of pro-life bills in the nation into law in Kansas, and has withstood liberal claptrap against him could be a future candidate for president
4 Governor Scott Walker standing up to the government workers' unions in Wisconsin though pro-life, Walker achieved nothing on the issue thus is vulnerable to a recall in 2012
5 U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe led Congress in rejecting the global warming hoax, and agreed to debate gasbag Ralph Nader on the topic[1] Inhofe is frequently the most conservative person in the U.S. Senate
6 Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli continuing his challenge on behalf of Virginia to ObamaCare in the courts and stood up to liberals on other issues seemed to do more in 2010, but remains a strong potential candidate for Governor in the 2013 election
7 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signing "a requirement for abortion advertisers to inform women about the risks associated with the procedure, including the loss of fertility"[2] - the first pro-life law there since communism Despite being Christian, some claim his approach is neo-Stalinist
8 U.S. Senator Ron Johnson filibustered Obama's liberal nominations for judgeships within the Seventh Circuit, forcing Obama to withdraw them.[3] has failed to vote against other liberal nominations for judgeships, even when fellow conservatives vote "Nay"
9 Joe Arpaio his outstanding law enforcement abilities and for being a thorn to Eric Holder's Justice Department
10 Nephilimfree persistent efforts to counter non-creation science on YouTube Arguably does more harm to the cause with outlandish claims. Admitted that he peruses escort websites. However has recently allowed uncensored comments on his videos unlike some others and doesn't hesitate to respond to challenges.
11 Ron Paul did well in the presidential race with his principled views Though excellent on economic issues and pro-life, Paul supports the decriminalization of illegal drugs, and opposes a United States alliance with Israel.
12 Donald Trump criticized Obama on key issues folded and even abandoned the Republican Party after celebrities began criticizing him
13 Shockofgod Pinning atheists with questions they have never been able to answer. Has challenged the leading YouTube atheists and Penn Jillette to debate him, but they have declined. Shockofgod and the PPsimmons YouTube channels have promoted the Question evolution campaign. Challenged the atheist Thunderf00t to debate the 15 questions for evolutionists and he declined. Has been criticized by obscure atheists for allegedly simply removing (rather than responding to) more complex challenges. Only allows censored comments on videos.

Kasich stripped of this awardEdit

Governor John Kasich was the original winner due to leading Ohio to #3 in abortion legislation 2011, enacting conservative economic reforms, honoring the player who routed media-favorite LeBron James in the NBA finals, and criticizing Ohio's pink drivers licenses. He never backed down when liberals whined about him. He was a conservative leader in a swing state, and an example for 49 governors and the president to follow.

But in 2021 Kasich was stripped of his award due to a multi-year pattern of RINO-like political positions that included boycotting the 2016 Republican National Convention in his own State of Ohio.