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Tentative Rank Name Achievements Comments
1 "Duck Dynasty" family Gives up millions of dollars rather than cave into liberal censorship by the homosexual agenda, after the liberal media expelled a member of the family for speaking biblically. Hard to disagree with a high ranking for how this family stands on principle, and opposes liberal censorship of free speech
2 Rick Perry called TWO special sessions of the Texas legislature to overcome the pro-aborts and pass the 30-mile rule; ran radio ads in other states inviting people and businesses to move to more conservative Texas, which enraged liberals but has put Texas on a path to surpass California in population by 2050 Perry's record of conservative achievement in 2013 makes him a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.
3 Tony Abbott Australia’s new conservative Prime Minister was called a climate criminal for saying global warming is “absolute crap” and abolished carbon taxes. Abbott's spectacular conservative triumph in Australia, with his outspoken insights, moves to #4 and should probably move even higher.
4 George Rivera a Republican who won a landslide recall election against an entrenched liberal Colorado senator in a heavily Democrat district, Rivera "quoted the Bible in his short but emotional speech where he thanked volunteers, the Republican Party and 'all the voters' in Senate District 3."[1] his achievement as a conservative Hispanic is what the liberal media desperately try to keep anyone from hearing about
5 Louie Gohmert courageously voted against RINO John Boehner for Speaker of the House in January, and continued to challenge Boehner's liberal leadership throughout 2013, thereby preventing Boehner from completely selling out moved from #2 to #4 because Boehner did eventually sell out, and there is only so much that one congressman out of 435 can achieve (unless he is Speaker of the House)
6 Ted Cruz his courageous stance against ObamaCare and runaway government spending, and his leadership as the liberals shut down the government his ranking would be even higher if his principled stance did not ultimately fall on deaf ears inside the Beltway
7 Vladimir Putin stood up against the homosexual agenda despite intense pressure by liberals; pardoned and released a capitalist being held for economic crimes, in contrast with liberal demands for the equivalent of lifetime prison sentences for capitalists like Bernie Ebbers; signed a ban against advertising for abortion; and Russia is now considering banning abortion altogether. Putin could move higher than #7 next year, if he builds on his socially conservative achievements of 2013
8 Angela Merkel Won landslide re-election as she moves Germany to the right, quickly erasing the remnants of communism in the former East Germany rises in rank to #8 in light of the significance of her work in eradicating vestiges of communism (and its atheism) from the former East Germany
9 Hobby Lobby (David Green) Standing up on principle against the pro-aborts who dominate the Obama Administration, and who tried unsuccessfully to force the company to pay for abortifacients
10 Matt Birk Ranked as one of the most intelligent professional athletes, Matt Birk helped win the Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens and then pointedly declined a publicity event at the White House, due to Obama's pro-abortion stance. moved higher to #10 due to his overcoming peer pressure to attend
11 The people of Croatia 65% of them voted against "same-sex marriage," in a stunning setback for the homosexual agenda[2] moved higher to #11 due to how it rejected pressure by the liberal media
12 Rand Paul Frequently defended freedom against the pro-Big government factions in the Democrat and Republican Parties.
12 Scott Walker Unfazed by the liberal cacophony around him, Wisconsin Governor signed numerous conservative bills into law in 2013, improving the state on almost a daily basis.
14 James O'Keefe Despite media exposure denouncing his tactics, James pushed back in 2013 with ground breaking video exposure of Obamacare Navigators,[3] college educators and voter fraud.
15 Paul Broun Running an outspokenly socially conservative campaign for the open U.S. Senate seat in Georgia, Rep. Broun has the entire liberal media nationwide trying unsuccessfully to stop him. By standing up to the national liberals in Georgia and attracting much of their attention, Broun enables conservatives to win without as much liberal interference elsewhere.
16 Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday) went on a farewell tour in defiance of how the liberal media ostracized him for becoming a conservative and endorsing Republican Mitt Romney

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